R.I.P. Paul Harvey

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  1. (Feb. 28) — Radio legend Paul Harvey, whose news and commentary segments always ended with his distinctive sign-off, "Paul Harvey....good day," died Saturday at the age of 90, ABC Radio Network says.
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    I remember him from my dad lisining to him in the car. Was he the guy that did "the rest of the story"?

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    yep............and now you know.
    enjoyed listening to him for years.

    RIP paul.
  4. The Grand Fury- pulling a stick steer Dura Craft - no brake lights- paps falling asleep on the Kentucky Parkway headed towards Cumberland- waking up tuning into stories on the AM RADIO from some guy talking funny, but making sense to a then 7 year old about things I shouldn't have understood.

    He understands farmers he told me... "I might catch an 8lbr today"

    I replied with "...and what's 'the rest of your story' "

    ...and...now I know - crazy actually...

    Thanks Paul Harvey
  5. Yeah, brings back memories of my dad, used to listen to him everyday at lunchtime when I worked for him.
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    r.i.p Paul.
  7. Another legend lost... Rest well, Mr. Harvey.
  8. The world is changing at a fast clip,,,this is one of them.I can't inmagine no more stand by for news or and thats the rest of the story.R.I.P. Mr. Harvey.:(
  9. Well said, the times, they are a changin
  10. I really enjoyed listening to his new and the "Rest of the Story" as well. He had a great talent of delivering a story in a way that held your attention. He will be missed by many.

    R.I.P. Mr Harvey.
  11. Allways enjoyed the rest of the story. He was one dedicated down to Earth person, with a wit of his own that was his alone.

  12. I cannot count the number of times I waited to hear his "rest of the story".