Quit smoking...Chantix?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Lewis, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Lewis


    Time to kick the cigarette habit.
    Anyone had any luck with Chantix?
    It is supposed to be a wonder drug for heavy smokers.
  2. misfit

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    i don't have any experience with it,but from what i've heard some that have,they had great results.

  3. supposed to work with alcohol too. I could kill two birds with one stone :)
  4. My neighbor is taking it right now,she says you take the pills and set a quit date. I've heard it helps. I don't know when her quit date is but I hope it's soon so she'll quit bumming mine! Still you have to want to quit for any thing to work. My insurance will pay for it so when I decide to stop I may try them.
  5. I have heard from others on a website I belong to called KOZ and they said it cost $100 for the pills and if not taken the exact way it makes them sick. Last I heard it was working for them.

    I'm not a smoker so i don't know. Sure wish hubby would not rub but he does and says he'll never quit. started when he was 14 he's 42.

    I asked if him, I and the snuff were out fishing and the snuff and I fell off the boat who he'd save lol! He said the snuff b/c it would get ruined but I knew how to swim so i could just hang out while he saved the snuff. LOL!!
  6. Where I work, a lot of people have tried it. Our facility is going smoke free in Jan. Most of the complaints were that it would make you sick so you take it with food. You really have to stick with it for it to work. They report many really weird dreams and sometimes trouble sleeping. It makes the tobacco taste real bad so that is supposed to help you quit. Most who took it say that you almost have to stay on it for 6 months or so to completely quit and that gets quite expensive if your insurance doesn't cover it. Probably 2/3 of the people who tried to quit with it are smoking again. Not as much, but still smoking. Hope that helps. I am not ready to quit yet. Just stubborness on my part!:D
  7. we all have our addictions. cigs, snuff, food, etc. addictions are hard to quit. Thus why they call them addiction :) My addiction is food. I like it what can I say. it tastes good. Problem is the things we need to help us stop like our own personal trainer and cook lol, pills, or what ever costs so much to have and that makes it even harder I think at times to quit.

    I wish everyone luck!
  8. DaleM

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    I tried several ways and several times to quit. This time ( 2 1/2 years ago) I quit cold turkey. Funny but that worked better than all the pills, patches or gum I tried. They say when your ready to quit you can do it easier. Good luck with it. I know I feel much better and breath a lot easier since I quit.
  9. ShakeDown

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    I'm scheduled to go on that stuff in Oct...right after the fest :D

    Doc affirms everything stated here...works if you use it right, if you don't you'll be miserable. Worth a shot!
  10. sporty

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    My new doc is pushing it too.

    Shake, you sound like me, right after this, or that, I'll quit. :D
  11. misfit

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    so is mine.it's his standard opening line at every visit;)
  12. Tried several times on the patch, Cold turkey and now Chantix. I am happy to report that i have not smoked in 97 days or around $450.00 more in my pocket. Chantix is working for me. Make sure to immediatly go online and sign up for thier support program. That realy helps. If you are like me, You will experience naseua occaisionally and wierd dreams. But it is better than hacking up a lung and always stopping in to a minimart and dropping 5 bucks on a pack of smokes.
  13. sevenx

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    I am taking it now, been on for 1 month, I still smoking one or two a day if I can bum one. It does work to help the craving for sure but its the habbit that kills me. (literally). I have trouble first thing in the am and the after work relax smoke. But I would say overall its working I smoked a pack to a pack and a half so 1 or 2 is not to bad. I am going to give myself 2 more weeks and then no more at all. Good luck man, Like it was said earlier you have to want to do it. Or have your b*&^*^%$ at you all time :) S
  14. I'm 62 and been smoking since I was 12. Tryed all the gimmicks (ie: gum, patches, wellbutrin) none of it worked. Smoked while taking it or using it. No more than 3 or 4 a day though. Thought I had it whipped. Then I would
    quit taking the pills or the gum and patcher, and would be back to smoking a pack or more a day. Went cold turkey in January this year and stayed off of them for 4 months. Wanted a smoke every day. Finally one day I said enough is enough. Went and bought a pack. Now I'm back to smoking a pack and half a day. Maybe next time will do the trick.
  15. I am currently taking Chantix and it is working. You smoke for the first 7 days, but by day 5 I no longer had a craving. They suggest you take it for 2 months and it does cost just over $100 per month. It does not make the tobacco taste bad. It is a nicotine receptor blocker. Think of your addiction as a missing jigsaw piece - Chantix fills the space. Good luck everyone.

    Sure it's bad for you, but they sure love those taxes.
  16. Started smoking at age 12. Quit COLD TURKEY 20 some years ago after watching two very big strong men in the family die the slow death of throat cancer. I could have carried both of their skinny, totally wasted bodies at
    once when they finally passed away.
  17. Seaturd

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    I quit a 24 yr chewing tobacco/snuff habit cold turkey 19 months and 6 days ago. It ain't easy and there are days I'll walk in a gas station and see a pack of Redman behind the counter and nearly start slobbering on the spot. For the most part though I don't miss it anymore.
  18. fishingful

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    i have been chewing since i was 17 (now 30) i keed to stop but just dont feel like it yet and everyone gets on my case about it i smoked for 2 years and just got tired of smelling like it one day i am sure i will quit chewing just dont know when
  19. ShakeDown

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    Starting the pills tomorrow :D
  20. starcraft

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    No fun thats for sure my old man battlein lung cancer now and has lost 45 pounds in only 2 months scary:(