Quick trip on Oshay tonight

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishslim, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Got back today from Myrtle Beach. Was going to go to Alum but Wife was called in to work had short amount of time headed to Oshay for crappies for couple hours. Had good evening hit one spot never moved got around 35-40 crappies got some dandies 1 15" 1 14" 5 12-13" and kept 10 10" ones as well. All in 3-7 foot water depth on jig and 3" twistertail chartruese was best tonight. Got 2 largemouth about pound each. 2 Dink saugeyes off a point on way back in. Was to nice to comein but i did. Might sneak out tomorrow morning for some eyes at Alum. Will See if i wake up or not:) Oh yeah here is a picture as well of one of a ton of sharks we caught off pier and the beach. We did get 3 flounder in a channel on white twister and jig that was cool and great eating as well.

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    Nice fish kinda been thinking old O Shay still got slabs in it. Thanks for sharing used to love that lake got to start going back. Wondering whats the fishing like around the zoo? Can u still hit a few places from boat without getting in trouble? Or are most of the better places on the west side still? Thanks for any information.:D

  3. Been fishing both west and east sides where there is 5-8 foot of water on top of ledges dropping quickly into deep water 12-15 foot. Find some wood and jig fish it or fish the drops keep moving till you hit a school. Zoo has alot of bass around it. Stay out of bird reserve area they will ticket you. Up by power lines on west side has been very good.
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    WTG Slim...you are the man in Central Ohio...gone for a week...come back and probably with no fish updates from your buddies, you go out and pound some nice crappies and a few other species mixed in for sh*ts and giggles. And no wonder you caught so many sharks...those shorts your donning probably put them in a feeding frenzy! :D :D
  5. Daughters bought them for me!!Had to wear them but not in the water!!:D
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    kool shorts slim and nice crappies
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    Nice shorts man.:D :p

  8. Slim,
    I saw you pull in to the ramp, we were just heading out to catfish in a blue lowe. I figured that was you with the sylvan. I couldn't believe how quiet it was, a little cloud cover and cooler temps=no skiers.

    P.S. Nice shorts. And the blue water shoes aren't bad either.
  9. Super i remember i waved at you guys passing. Was a great night out wanted to stay but wife got called into work. How was the catfish bite? And anytime you guys want to borrow those snappy nike swim trunks let me know better yet maybe i will just put them up for highest bid on ogf market spot!!:) Super i was waiting for a crack on the cool blue water shoes those are rare and hard to come by!! Got alot of ladies checking them out wondering where or was it why i was wearing them!!! :) You just gotta be special to pull that look off and i was special alright maybe tipsy to!!
  10. We caught 12 from 7 until 10 o'clock. It was so-so. We'd hit a spot, catch a couple, and move on. All on fresh shad. The shad are stacked on the flats.
    I'm going to Florida next week to fish and get married, I may need to borrow your outfit. It's just nice to see someone with taste as good as mine, people always make fun of my outfits for some reason.
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    Didn't you stay at the retirement community down there? :D

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    Uuummmmm......how did you catch a shark out of O'shaunessy resevoir????


  13. yeah that is why i wore such bright colors so they could see me and not run over my toes with those electric carts!! Most still had there teeth to.! :D