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    how well do all of you think a bait shop that only offered fly tying would do compared to a shop that offered both tying and accessories (rods, reels, cases, clothing, etc...) I am asking because I'm seriously thinking about starting a small shop in general (CJ Brown area) that offered fly tying but not the accessories part, but it would still accommodate the area's fisherman with bait and lures, etc...
  2. Pretty much describes the setup at The Old Dutchman here in the Columbus area.

    I couldn't begin to gues what impact their tying supplies have on business though, I try to split my purchases between there and the local fly shop.

    Consider carefully the HUGE amount of inventory needed to carry any decent variety of tying goods...hooks, threads, chennille, feathers, beads, foam goods...the list goes on and on.

  3. I'd consider it scary simply due to how many folks get much of their fly tying stuff in the craft stores & WalMart. I love small shops & support them, but as a past small business owner (hardware), I can tell you that customer loyalty to small businesses is a fraction of what it used to be.