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  1. i was fishing griggs the other day and on my way out, someone drove past me. it looked like someone i grew up with but lost contact. i did mange to get the license plate number but don't really want to get the police involved.

    my question is, how do i find this person without contacting the police? i am not trying to stalk this person or anything but just curious on why we lost contact information.


    i could be wrong but if u went to the police dept and gave them the license plate number they wont give u any information. i know they are not allowed to do that around here anymore. do u remember their name by chance?

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    Just google their name. Police do not run license plates for people.
  4. Finding someone Go to www.whitepages.com put in there name and state is all you need if they have a telephone it will find them. Then all you have to do is call them and see if it is the right person,i have found old friends this way all the way to California. Tight Lines Fishguy