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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by swantucky, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Caught my 1st steelhead tonight fishing Erie off Luna Pier, over 24". To ount or not to mount???
  2. I would say not to mount. Thats a really nice fish but steelhead get much larger than that. my buddy just caught a 13 lb steelhead out of fairport last weekend that was 32 inches and I caught a steelhead that was 26 inches on monday. I am in no way trying to put down your fish. Any steelhead over 20 inches is a nice fish. Just wait until the fall when you will land one over 30 inches. Then you will have a huge fish to mount. Congrats on the nice steelhead. Bet it was a blast to catch.

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    congrads on your first steel. save your cash until its at least 30 inches:p i guarantee you'll remember and want to mount that one.
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    Congratulations! Once you've caught your first, usually it means you'll start targeting them more. And while that is a healthy fish, it shouldn't be too hard to exceed that with a little targeted effort. If you got a nice picture, just blow that up and frame it - can keep replacing the picture with bigger fish til ya get the one you want to mount.

    Having said that, it's your fish and someone will always catch a bigger one no matter what size you get... and someone will always get a prettier one, or one with more girth, etc etc... So it's your catch to prize and cherish, I say do what ya want, and base that on what the catch means to you.

    Once again congratz! I've fished Luna Pier many times when I lived in Toledo and never saw one caught there!
  5. Thanks guys. I've never targeted them nor caught one before so it was pretty exciting. We were fishing 22 fow, I was casting an Erie Dearie and deadsticking one of my buddies homemade "weapons". We were only catching sheephead and white perch and decided to move. I started a slow retrive on the deadstick and bam he blasted it. It did'nt feel like an eye or a sheepie, I did'nt even bother calling for the net untill I saw it. It made 3 runs after it saw the boat. Luckily my buddie got the net under it when he did, the hook popped out and was almost straight!!!

    I decided not to get it mounted and gave it to my buddie to cook up in some pasta recipe he has been wanting to try.
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    You guys do realize that a Steelie on this end of the pond is extremely rare. We only get a handful in a season. I've never caught one, and I don't personally know any one who has.

    Could be wrong, but I think his idea is more to preserve the moment, not necessarily the size of the fish.

    Way to go Swantucky!