questions about camping in Alum Creek

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  1. Planning to go camping and night fishing in Alum Creek this Saturday night. I tried the state park reservation website for campground. It's confusing to me. It says I need to reserve two nights if I'm camping on weekends( which are Friday and Saturday,funny). I live in Columbus and only want to stay there one night (got work to do on Sunday). So has anyone had the same confusion? Do you reserve the campsite before you go? And do you need literally live there two nights for a weekend?
    I wish I can camp anywhere I can access water, but they told me overnight stay is allowed in campgroud only.
  2. Yeah, they require 2 nights. You can pay for two nights but only go one night. The campgrounds fill up fast. They do have some water sites but they are hard to get.

  3. same with all state parks unfortunately you have to reserve it for 2 nights. If it's thru the week you can reserve 1 night. I hear Alum gets very busy. Best to book ahead of time.
  4. thanks for your replies. I called them again this morning. They told me I can try my luck on Saturday just come in and see whether there is available sites.
    Do you think Delaware lake or Deer Creek would have less camping pressure?
  5. All three campgrounds are very popular this time of year. I recommend you call early Saturday morning to see if anything is available. If there is, then you will want to hightail it up there.

    I usually camp at Delaware because I think it is a little less crowded. Delaware has boat tie ups in some of the coves near the campground, but you have to drive to the marina to launch.

    Alum Creek has a launch facility at the campground.

    I have never camped at Deer Creek, so I don't know.