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Questions about adding pics to threads

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by AndroDoug, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    Here is another topic along the lines of the Avatar thread going right now.

    I have tried to add pics before to threads I have been apart of, and they have always been WAY to big to show. My pics from my dig cam are always around 400KB. The largest size of a pic attachment this site will allow is 39KB (or something like that).

    Well, the other day I tried fiddlin around with my software (CaMedia) that came with Olympus camera, and I was able to downsize it to 39KB eventually. I cropped it here, cropped it there, but downsizing it reduced the quality tremendously. It should have just made it miniture I would assume.

    But the biggest mystery I have is once I got the ding-dang pic small enough KB wise, the size of the pic on the thread is postage stamp size. I see people post pics all the time on here that take up the whole screen! How can a screen size pic (that is perfect in every way to my eye), be only 39KB and MY 39KB pic is stamp size and looks distorted?

  2. We have had numerous discussions regarding this topic in the past as well as last week. Do a search and you will find a number of suggestions how to do it.
  3. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Here's a few quick suggestions:

    Upload it to your photo gallery (which has a much higher size limit), and either link it, or paste the url in the "insert image" button in advanced view.

    Or, upload it to an external server, and do the same thing.

    It'll save you from having to crop excessively, or lose quality by downsizing.