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  1. has any one heard of a private lake named bass lake around portage lakes
  2. EAPOE


    Bass Lake is by Rittiman I think.

  3. is there any good fish there
  4. Bass lakes is a pay lake that is reached of of 585 and moine road
    near doyles town. Follow the arrows lot of good signs.

    Havent been in years,but you used to be guaranteed meat.
    HE would give you a pack of hamburger if you didnt catch anything.
    there were maybe 5 small ponds and you could fish any of them.
  5. how much does it cost?what kind of fish ( Bass is 1 i'm guessing?)
  6. i havent been there since i was a kid. but some buddys of mine went out a couple weeks ago. theres a bass lake a cat lake and a trout lake from what i heard. but they said the place was packed.
  7. We go every week. Cost is $9.00 per person, closes at 6 PM Bass Lakes is know for CATS not really bass, BIG CATS. We catch alittle of everything, channels, bass, a few strippers, crappies, gills, bullheads, trout, etc. SEE YA THERE
  8. What time do they open and what are the catch limits?!$
  9. Anyone have an address so I can map quest my way over there?
  10. Heres the address 14587 Moine Rd Doylestown, Oh. phone 330-658-2489 Pretty busy on weekends Sign says open at 7:30AM but they are usually open before that. They been charging $9.00 per person But was charged $10.00 last Sunday. You can keep 2 large fish or take hamburg patties, hotdogs, sausages, etc. We had a 12lb cat our biggest and a few 5 lb cats.
  11. 9 or 10 bucks and you can only keep 2 fish? I used to pay like 8 bucks at the Medina Fish Hatchery and could keep more than 2!$