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  1. Went to a local farm pond last night and caught a very nice LM on a rattle trap. Problem was the fish inhaled the bait. Unfortunatly I must have taken my plyers out of my bag and I tried and tried to get the bait out and couldnt. I Noticed the fish was bleeding and didnt want to kill it by keeping it out of the water to much longer. So I cut my line and put the fish back in the pond with the lure still in it. I dont know if it was the right decision I have heard that the hooks will rust and the lure will fall out. Is this true? What are that fishes chances of surviving? Its a small pond and I hate killing off the nicer fish in there.
  2. I wondered about that last night. Got to thinking about how many fishie's could be swimming around out there with a bunch of stuff stuck down in their throats. I would think that after while it could kill them. But who knows...

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    Depending how its hooked in its throat it could prevent from eating. Seen that before.
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    the flesh around the hooks will die and the lure will fall out. so the fish has a 100 percent chance for recovery and survival. i found a bass that had been attacked by a heron or crane or something like that and it had been peirced just under the spine and it was perfectly fine. he ate the lure quite nicely. i read that fact about the hook out of a bassmaster mag. so it looks like that fact is proven. but billium does have a point about the hook placement.
  5. depends on the size of the lure,it might not.the best thing to do next time,have wire cutters,and good ones at that and snip the hooks.that way theres less in him and you get your bait back,all ya gota do is replace the hooks.i got a big smallie last year that had a crankbait stunk in its back that the line broke on and a lizard gut hooked with a shaky head on soon as i got the fish in the boat the lizard came out and then i removed the crankbait and the fish seemed just fine from being gut hooked.