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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by Big_Boy, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. I have a question. What makes the steelhead run up the rivers? And, When will they be in the chagrin river???? Thanks:B :B
  2. steelhead migrate back up the rivers after running around the lake to spawn. The earliest fish move up is in the fall. They may enter as early as now given the right condiotions. water temps, and current play a big part. Primarily the come in october and november but some come earlier. after a cold rain and a cold front some will enter the rivers. If it gets to warm the head back. They don't get real far upstream until late fall when the water temps. stay consistently cool. If you want to target them in the fall i recommend PA. they have more of a fall run fish that come up in bigger numbers than ohio. Conneaut creek alson offers some excellent fall fishing. The best way to catch fish in the fall is with a noodle rod and spawn sacs. Even though i fly fish for them i switch to the noodle rod when i get frustrated. The deeper the pockets in the fall the better, as in the spring the shallow rapids and reds will give you a good number of fish.

  3. Thanks Steel Head Junkie. What rivers do you fish???? I fish the Chagrin. Do you have any tips or good spots in the chagrin by chance?? Also, Do you think any Chromers are running in the Grand Yet??? I can accress most of the Break wall via a 14 foot boat.
  4. thanks Junkie, If I were to troll the Grand River, Would I use Small or Large Dipseys???? Thanks
  5. fishing pole

    fishing pole Off the beaten path


    Continue with quote....Until I posted about it here on OhioGamefishing and everyone started being in those people's backyards. Now those people are pricks just like the Waite Hill Bunch.

    Please think before you post about private water. Public does not mean that just because no one says anything that it is okay. That is private land up that way, right now pressure is relatively light in that area, but angler numbers will definitely change that (it has in many places) Yes I have never had a problem here but there is not much foot traffic there either and I generally fish with someone who knows one of those people who live on the river. When they start getting 10 or more people coming through their backyard on weekends its going to get shut down real fast.
  6. can you blame them? would you want trout fisherman tromping through your yard? some are great, some are completely respectful, those are the minority.
  7. Steelie Junkie

    Steelie Junkie Banned

    All we need to look is over the state line into Pennsylvania and see the end result of stocking too many fish, internet reports and word of mouth. Every year more and more sections of the river are being posted. Why? Because a few apples have ruined it for others. One example is 20 mile creek, the landowner put up with a lot of unruly behavior. The final straw was when she witnessed an angler taking a dump on her property. She quickly posted the property and it was a great spot. Today, she has leased her section to Donnie Beaver's trout club (another sore spot for me). I haven't been to PA for almost five years because I got fed up with combat fishing and inconsiderate losers. I would rather catch half the number of fish in Ohio and enjoy the peace and quiet.

    Giving out exact locations as mentioned above is a recipe for disaster. Thank god, most of Ohio's steelhead rivers run through county and metro parks.
  8. fishing pole

    fishing pole Off the beaten path

    I am not balming the landowners just the inconsiderate. Please kkep access to yourself unless it is metropark property.
  9. sorry guys, didn't realize what i was writing.
  10. If you want, the site allows you to edit your replies.

  11. thanks joel, i'm new, even though thats no excuse.