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    i have never had this problem before because when i would close my browser i would instantly be logged out. i would have to put my screen name and password in every time. now not only when i close my browser do i not log out, even when i click log out it says i am but then when i close my browser and come back i am still logged in. i have been logged in the last 14 hours. sometimes there is multiple people using this computer and i really dont want them all to have access to my account. this started after i uploaded some pics on the site. if anyone can help i would appreciate it!
  2. The first thing I would do is dump your browser Windows Internet Explorer I think you go to tools...internet options...browsing history...then hit delete. I use a Mac so I'm not 100% sure that's the right path but think it is. After you delete that try to logout again.
    If that doesn't work maybe one of the Mods can log you out.

  3. I never use internet explorer as the browser. i would download firefox browser. That is all I use and the reason being is because at the end of every time you close the browser it gives you the chance to clear all private data and also clears your cache for you. Good luck
  4. I second the Mozilla Firefox recommendation.