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  1. I was wondering if anybody has ever used the gulp alive minnows or the berkley crappie nibbles bait. I was thinking about going down to mosquito spillway tommorrow and I was going to use the gulp and berkley bait and I was wondering if anybody thinks that would be a good bait to use
  2. i personally used the gulp but have herd good things about it. i use the crappie nibbles when i go ice fishing they seem to work fine for me. i would say you would be alright using them.

  3. thanks shorebound i wasn't sure because i have never used them before the guy at gander mountain said he uses them all the time even when he ice fishes so i will give it a try
  4. i have both...crappie nibbles work for sure as do the gulp maggots...have the powerbait waxies havent tried yet
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    have used the crappie nibbles on my yearly trip to Kentucky Lake for crappies. they love them.
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    dont let any moisture get into your crappie nibbles or your next trip out you will open a jar of fussed together nibblets :) . Other then that they work great for crappie and bluegill, I even had a cat take a jig and nibblet last spring, shocked me for a second when the pole bent I thought I had a 2 pound crappie :}
  7. If it says Gulp Alive I have to buy...Have Minnows,,Maggots,,Waxies...Emerald shiners...and have Crappie Nibbles...All have worked...But then there is that old saying...What Do They Want Today...Everyone who fishes knows what they wanted yesterday ...they don't want today...THEY ALL WORK...C.L..
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