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Question on props?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by smallmouth28, May 22, 2005.

  1. I just purchased a 1999 Javelin Venom 17 with a 1978 Evinrude 115 (model #115899), the boat is real rear end heavy (engine, 3 batteries, gas tank and a livewell). When I try to get it up on plane it just pops the front end up, so I had my friend sit on the front deck to get it up on plane. I think it needs a new prop but I am not sure what to get. Also I plan to add a little on to the deck to extend it to the console. This will help a bit, but I am sure it needs a new prop. So if anyone can help me out with what I should get, that would be much appreciated.
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    make sure the motor is tilted down all the way, there should be a standard prop for your motor . what is the pitch ? it is stamped on the hub of your prop. the second number is feet per prop revolution. you will have to watch your rpm when test out different props.

  3. if your trim is correct , you need a lower pitch (with a larger diameter). this will cut down on your top speed . if you want speed then get rid of the weight .being in the correct rpm range is imported . get your current prop specs off your prop and go to . they have up to 7 non- standard props . it seems every-one else just makes oem props . plus they have a chart that will show you the oem rpm match.

    one more thing , i have seen this before . on your trailer take your trim level with your boat . measure the distance between the bottom of your boat and the cavitation plate of the moter. it should be withen 3" plus or minus (max) if not a jack plate or long to short shaft conversion is needed.