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question on Michigan or Indiana trout/steelhead

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fisher person, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. I was thinking wading in IN or MI in the next couple of weeks in search of trout preferably steelhead. I thought I've heard of summer run steelhead somewhere, I think on the lake michigan side of MI, is this true or would I be better off fishing for "regular" trout in au sable or somewhere in NE michigan??
  2. Fishing any trout stream in NE or NW michigan that has access to big lakes will have monster fish in them. There are summer run steelies, huge night feeding brown, and nice brookies that are hard to beat. You wouldn't be dissapointed. fly or bait?


  3. I'll probably be flyfishing but might take the spin rod and take some spinners with me
  4. If you want to fly fish go to the Pere Marquet on the west side, there is a big section that is fly fishing only. Call Baldwin bait and tackle and you get a report, great little bait shop. I dont think it gets much of a summer steelhead run but there is good brown and bow fishing for the stream trout. Starting in September it becomes a great salmon river and and the steelhead are soon to follow as well as some lake run browns. This is a beautifull river and is small enough to make it easy to read and fish. If you like to camp Gleasons Landing is a great primitive camp ground right on the river. The sites are spread out really well and have fire pits and picnic tables. Probably one of my favorite campsites I've ever been too. I have heard the St Joe gets a very good run of summer steelhead which are called skamania. I have never fished the St Joe so cant help out much. The Au Sable is a great river also. The northern part is great for stream trout and down by Lake Huron up to Foote Dam is great for salmon and steelhead. I was born in Oscoda which is at the mouth of the Au Sable. You can get some nice browns right out on the pier. The Jordan and Betsie are 2 other rivers on the west side that are nice also.
  5. the pm sounds pretty sweet, Maybe I'll check it out in early sept.
    My friends seem to be set on going to indiana to try for steel next week, I'll post a report, am planning on going next thurs/fri