Question-Lowrance X70A

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by keepinitreel, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Anyone have this model? I bought a boat recently and was wondering about its performance as far as basic fish finding reliability.

    Thank You
  2. Should work fine. Model is from 1996 probably. Resolution is 160 pixels vertically, which isn't great, but it was pretty good for that year. It'll show fish, bait and cover just fine...only thing is sometimes a fish laying right on the bottom will be shown as a small bump on the bottom contour with the mid-level resolution older units. Not many gamefish lay right on the bottom anyhow, unless its mid-winter. The unit will show balls of bait, cover and structure just fine, and that's what you'll be lookin' for anyway.

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  3. I'm pretty sure that is the same model that came "standard" on my new boat in 2002. If you are a serious walleye fisher(and I'm sure you are), I'm betting you don't keep it very long! OE fish locators just don't seem to get it done-very poor sensitivity setting for one thing. If you try to adjust the sensitivity to show baitfish, it will go completely dark before you see anything. My unit shows fish but only if they're fairly large. I've caught perch after perch straight down, and didn't see one fish on my locator! Maybe I got a lemon? Real good depth finder though...........JMTCW.
  4. Thanks guys!
    I think you are right on with the model 1996 because the boat and engine is a 1997 model. I guess I'll have to test it out this spring. The boat I bought is mainly for inland lakes-crappie or eye fishing.
  5. Woops. I just looked one up on the net and it IS NOT the one I have-looks to have many more functions/bells/whistles/buttons than mine. The site did have a manual link for it in case you didn't get one. Good luck with it!