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  1. First off those of you who fish the tournaments when do you get the time to practice and travel to them. I do the wed, night tour. at portage lakes but found it hard last year to get out, I did end up starting up a landscaping buisness with my cousin and that opened more time up. Do you guys own a buisness or are some of you just lucky enough to have great jobs where you can get out? Or are you even luckier and live real close to a lake where you can go out whenever?
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    I work days and normally just tow the boat into work with me and go straight to the lake from there. Getting off at 2:30 gives me plenty of daylight to get a good day of practice in! When I move closer to Portage, I'll start doing those tournaments again, gas prices pretty much put those to a halt 2 years ago!

  3. I usually schedule vacation days prior to events to get a day or 2 of fishing/scouting in.
  4. establish priorities... seriously.

    Often it's running one and everything that goes with it- no fishing.

    Mowing the yard and keeping maintenance on the house-no fishing.

    Work M-F 8-4:30 - no fishing.

    Kids and their desires - fishing... ;)

    Webwork- no fishing.

    Fixing everything I broke last trip - no fishing.

    Shoot- I dunno!!! I go about 3-7 times weekly sleeping allowed!

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    I practiced last year. LOL
    I only had the chance to realy pre-fish one tournament last year. Most of the time I fish the weekend before the tournament.
  6. the only way to be greatly successful is to do one as a hobby and have fun at both. i own a small construction company and the only quality time i get to fish is on hardwater
  7. Work M-F 6:00 to 2:30. Work is 7 minutes from home and from the driveway I can be at Portage in 15 min., Berlin 30 min. and Mosquito 50 min.
    5 weeks of vacation time allows for plenty of Thursdays and Fridays to be scheduled for practice days.
    I haven't had a "real" vacation in some time.

    Like Nip, my boys love fishing so that helps too.
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    There never seems to be enough time to practice. I think it pays to get good at determing fish behavior and establishing patterns. Any of us should be able to catch fish on a lake that we fish regularly but if you find yourself on different lakes for a trail or series you begin to test your abilities to figure the fish out. I've learned alot from Reel Lady's adventures on the southern lakes. We deal with lakes that are roughly 3000 acres while those southern impoundments are many times 60,000. If you can break down a particular part of the lake you are fishing and figure out what the fish are doing in that area look at your map and find similiar areas that you can go to as well. It seems though conditions fluxuate so much that the guys that are extremely successful are the ones that make the adjustments to their game plan the day of the tourney that still allows them to put fish in the boat. The time you spend before you get on the water with a map is probably going to be some of the most productive time you spend getting ready for a tourney.
  9. i moved here from eastern iowa in june, when i lived there i would fish the tournaments on the mississippi river, i live right on the shores of it, my pratice was i would pratice casting into the river and backwaters near home trying to find similar structure to where the turny will be. i would do that before ad after work. i would also look online for reports and updated maps for the area . there was also a websight that told of how the flow was and what the weed growth was for the area. i would try to leave early the day before and scout the area as much as possiable but that always never happend (work). it really helps to know the kind of water you are fishing and the history of it as well (flow,weed growth,structure,baits working in past, food scources) i have also used this approach on lakes and resevors with great success
    hope this helps
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    Living in Akron area most NE Ohio lakes arent far. Last year was the first year I put the extra money and time into practice and it payed off. Im 5 minutes from any of the Portage Lakes so that is a bonus also. I just take the boat to work with me and then put 4 hours on the lake after work. I dont know how some of these guys do it though. I only fished opens, the Lakes Trail and a club and practiced for all. At the end of the season I was wooped. It started to feel more like a job, but at least it was like a job I loved.
  11. Like Nip mentioned! Get those priorities in line...

    Myself- NO wife to nag, NO kids to entertain, No friends between March and January. I make no commitments like- family dinner, family birthdays, babysitting, dog sitting, etc..... People who know me are aware that I'm on the water and not to bother. My family always gets "where's he at" during the Holidays and such, why they still ask beats me. As for work, I can either work hard all my life and be broke, or I can fish all the time and be broke! Invest smart and live by your means. My vehicles are paid for, my boat is paid off, no overhead, no loans, no credit cards,no cares except whats biting!

    bottom line, no wife and kids gives me money in the pockets, gas in the tank, and the rod in my hand! I have plenty of nieces and nephews to deal with....
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    I use vacation days to pre-fish and fish tourney's that fall within the weekdays, I'm on a set schedule of mon-fri so I do have weekends off, I fish alot of tourney's and only pre fish for the ones I really need to pre fish, this year I'm taking vaca days to fish FLW League and the Master Walleye Circuit (MWC) I do fish some other small local events that I will not pre fish for. I prioritize what tourney's I will use days on and others where I'm fishing anyways on the weekend and just roll the dice and pay to get in the event if I plan on fishing anyways.
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    prioroties are right, as college student who works fulltime it meant some serious scheduling... if i fished more i am sure i'd do better... getting rid of the G/F kinda helped. friends know where I'm at and like smallie said don't bother. my dad enjoys fishing as much as I do, so it helps to have the mutual motivation
  14. What would you guys recommend to a person who is looking to start tourney fishing? What step should i take? How do i get started? Any websites that will help?

    Read all the rules and inquire with the director WAY before the tournament any questions you might have:p

    Just keep it simple at first. Low expense stuff- meet others- watch others- don't rely on just one- take it all in. Just go out and have fun at this level!!!

    The learning will curve itself with experience.

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    A club is probably the best way to start and branch out into low cost opens and then into tourny trails. If you jump right into the tourny trails with both feet it can be a little over whelming and a ton of money.
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    I suggest a club to start out with. if you're interested, let me know. they become a hassle sometimes, but as you grow as a fisherman, the club helps with the transition to a curcuit nicely.
  18. Hey JB what do you mean by "hassle sometimes"? I hope your not bashing P.L.B.C.!?!
  19. Yea I would start with some of the smaller tournaments cause they are alot cheaper. I started fishing the wed. tour. at portage lakes in the evenings and loved it. Its very reasonable and run very well. Plus the winings are great if you make it but even if you dont your only out $20.00 since its a tour. where you fish two people in a boat you just split the cost of $40.00. Thats very reasonable.
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    lol, if i was bashing PLBC why would I tell him to start with a club... don't read into stuff so much...