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  1. I was wanting to know if you guys would consider adding a site in the Main Forums section for the guys on this site who Paylake Fish or have questions about it? If their was a specific place for the people who are into paylake fishing to discuss it would be nice and appreciated. It might also downsize some of the arguments between the people who Paylake fish and those who dont like it. The people who have issues with paylake fishing could just avoid the Forum and let the people who do go still have the opportunities to discuss their way of fishing and ask questions like any other Forum.
    Just a suggestion, Thanks for the Reply
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    Sounds reasonable to me.

  3. I will pass this along to the owners for consideration.
  4. We discussed this idea a bit among the owners and mods and the feedback I received was consistent with what I suspected it would be. While OGF has many, many categories for forums the number could be much higher if we were to split everything out. It is true that there is the occasional confrontational thread (too frequent I might add) where folks are simply trying to find some useful information and the thread is hijacked with anti-paylake sentiments. This is indeed unfortunate and would probably not go away with the advent of another forum. Therefore we need to simply stay the course and address any hijack issue as it occurs. If we used that logic to form forums then we would probably end up with all kinds of new forums (C&R Forum, Catch and Eat Forum, Unlimited Horsepower Forum, and even a gasoline discussion forum ;) ). But rather than do that we have chosen to keep certain areas more broad in their content.

    As far as finding information about paylakes you should be able to find quite a bit if you do some searches of the forums. Over the years there has been plenty of discussions and not all have been negative.

    I hope that helps to answer your question.
  5. Thank Brian for your response
    I agree that you could overwelm this site with Forums, but on the other hand the Forum I inqured about would be a Forum for the fisherman who Paylake fish. The Fish on The Fly and Hardwater Discussion Forums were created (Im guessing here) because these fisherman wanted to have a place to discuss their way of fishing and not have to go to all the other Forums to have these discussions.
    Is this a dead issue or would you guys reconsider this verdict if some more of the people in the OGF was to want a Paylake Forum?
  6. i think this is a good idea.....i myself have concidered paylakes
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    while there are other forums for specific discussions,when do we say enough is enough?and those other forums are a little different than what is being mentioned,having a seperate forum would be no answer to the problems mentioned.we will always have those "disagreements" and having a "paylake" sign on the door is not going to prevent anyone from entering.
    it also shouldn't be necessary to create forums for the sole purpose of minimizing easier solution would be for people to police themselves better,and control the urge to stir the pot or beat people over the head with their personal views just because they differ from others.
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    You also have to remember
    Even if an arguement would fire up in a different forum the "mod squad" ;) still wouldnt let it fly :)

    I know I know I should let this thread drop
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    you said it,not me;)
    but you did make a good would just be a little more work for us,as if we don't have enough to keep us busy now:rolleyes:;)