Question for the mods.......

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Skarfer, May 28, 2008.

  1. You guys are having heart attacks and locking every thread in site when the word "bikini" is even typed........but you allow THIS for someones avatar???


    what's up with that?????
  2. Bet they'll be looking for a new one now!

  3. ShakeDown

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    You think with 621,094 posts we catch them all?? If you're so concerned, why don't you be helpful and point us to who's avatar that is? Or was this post just an effort to throw stones for the sake of throwing stones...
  4. Not throwing stones - just a question as to why females in bikini's are not allowed, but naked male buttocks are............

    Sending you a PM..........
  5. Like Shake said there is not enough of us nor enough time to catch everything. My guess is that this is an avatar from a member with very few posts thus we have not seen it. Clearly it would not have made it through our auditing. Especially since as you put it we are locking everything in sight.:rolleyes:

    Yes there have been more locked lately than normal but our judgment has not been altered. We have had more occurrences that warrant moderating.;)
  6. ShakeDown

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    You answered your own question...they aren't. Just because we dont see it, doesnt mean it's allowed. I think you knew that already.

    Taken care of.
  7. Hetfieldinn

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    Where'd my avatar go?
  8. Toxic

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  9. Before this thread is closed, I'd like to sincerely thank the Mods for trying to keep this site orderly and family friendly. At times we forget the real reason this site exists - for us to share fishing tips, techniques, hotspots and fellowship.

    Thanks again for everyone who makes this such a great place to visit!
  10. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    Was that a picture of Misfit you had there Het?
  11. Darwin - I hope nobody objects to your bare avatar....LOL:)
  12. If Misfit sees it it'll be gone!
  13. I was a moderator when this site started and was one on the site we broke away from. It is impossible to catch everything and it is hard to close a thread sometimes. You have to be able to seperate your personal feelings from what the TOS states is acceptable and what is not. It is not the easiest thing to do. I may not officially be a moderator anymore but I still watch threads and if a thread is going against the TOS and isn't closed in a reasonable amount of time I will bring it to the moderators attention.
    Remember, we want to keep this a site "family friendly" so we all actually need to act as moderators. Sometimes there are questionable threads that the moderators may leave open for a couple days, rather than closing right away, just to allow some people to vent before they shut it down.
    Before criticizing the moderators try to put yourself in their place if you can.

  14. Sure thing - I'd love to. Sign me up.