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Question for the concealed carry folks:

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BottomBouncer, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. When you take the class, when finished do the instructors give you the permit? If you carry, does it have to be concealed.....I mean, are there certain "ways" they expect you to carry your firearm?

    Under what circumstances would you carry? I can't think of many places I go that I feel unsafe...... I guess anything can happen anywhere.
  2. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    After you finish the class, the instructor will give you a certificate saying that you have completed the necessary class and range time, and passed the final test. You then take the paperwork to a sheriffs office the county, or adjoining county of where you live. The sherriffs office will finish the paperwork, take your picture, and then call you when it is ready. This costs an additional $45. They have 45 days to get you your permit.

    From what I hear, Summit county is the worst to file in. They were/are dead set against citizens carrying concealed weapons, and I hear that they give you a hard time, and make you wait the whole 45 days for your permit. I did mine in Wayne county, and had my permit in three days.

    You must have your weapon concealed when carrying it. Ohio already has an open carry law, meaning that anyone can walk down the street with a weapon in a holster in plain sight, but you'll get plenty of calls to the police, and I'm sure you'd get hassled to no end, but it is the law.

    Should you decide to drive a motor vehicle with the weapon, it must be holstered to your body in plain sight, not concealed. If you are pulled over by a police officer, keep your hands on the wheel, inform him/her that you have a permit, and that you are carrying it (if you are), and ask them for specific instructions on what to do with the weapon while you are in their presence.

    I have a permit, but have not yet carried a weapon.

  3. Wait......I can carry a gun down the street, in plain view? Do you have to have a permit for this as well?
  4. flathunter

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    You do not have to have a permit to carry a gun in plain view..My brother in law is a police officerand I asked him the very same question.
  5. WarEagle

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    I grew up in Ohio and it has always been such a hassle to carry. Even now that the law has changed and they are issuing permits to conceal carry it is a lot of trouble.

    I am a salesman, I cover all of Indiana, Kentucky and SW Ohio. I travel a ton.
    I have an Indiana conceal/carry and Kentucky will reciprocate. Ohio however does not. I carry all the time. I seldom wear it into public places, but I always have it while walking a bank or wading a stream. I also always wear it to check into and come and go from hotels.

    I have a great State run range just south of my house that I go to often. I have discussed it with the ranger there several times. Be responsible. Obey the laws. Handle it properly. You should never have a problem.

    Just my 2c.

  6. peon

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    dont have in on you or in your car iif you have beer in your car... even if its unopened....
  7. What are requirements when you go to the range? i heard its 100 rounds but do you have to score a certain points, or is it for safe handling?

  8. I have had my concealed caryr permit for just over a year. I can say that I have carried about half a dozen times. Although I ALWAYS have it in my car. And that is one thing I stuggle with. I have a 2001 F-150 and the glove box does not lock... and according to the law, I am in violation because in you vehicle, it either has to be visible on your person, or in a LOCKED compartment.... so I am trying to figure a way to carrly it legally. I have been lucky so far as to not get pulled over, but I do worry about it.

    When I got my permit, I had no problem what-so-ever. I got mine out of COlumbiana County. I turend in my paperwork, got finger printed and had it in a week.

    The main reason I got my permit was because I havdle a lot of money for different groups and I was always uneasy carrying a couple of thousand dollars and not being protected.

    Does anyone have advice as to how I can carry itin my truck legeally?
  9. Would a locked pistol case count?
  10. Lewzer

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    Iitfd has some good points that I wondered about. My pickup also doesn't have a lockable compartmant. My shotguns and rifles don't fit in there anyways.

    My question is about knives and rifles/shotguns. Does the CC permit cover knives?
  11. The manual which is available at any sheriff's department covers all the questions posed. A locked pistol case meets the requirements. The consealed carry permit is intended for firearms.