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    Allright, I need to know what you big guys consider safe ice. I know the old saying that no ice is safe, but what are you comfortable on? I normally look for 6", but right now, I know I can get 4" in most places. And for the record, I'm 6' and 280lbs.:D
  2. I am 6'4" 225 and 2" held me and a buddy who is close to 250, but we did not stand near each other lol. I think 2" is a little thin but a clear solid 4" is good. I'll ride my quad on 6".

  3. I'm about the same size as you and I too like to wait for 5-6" of ice underneath me to feel truly comfortable. That being said, I was on OSP today on 3" - 4" of good, clear ice and felt fine.

    No ice is safe ice and conditions are everything. Having a week of cold temps with little snow made me feel very comfortable with what was under me today.
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    The reason I'm asking is 9 times out of 10, I'm fishing alone. I know its not a good idea to ice fish alone, but none of my friends do it. Most of the time, I stay near the docks for safety sake( I only fish marinas), but I'd really like to get away from the dinks in shallow water.:eek:
  5. i am 6'1 and at one time weighed in at 360+. the thinnest i went out on at that size was 1.5 inches of ice. i know, i was a fool, and never plan on doing it again. many times i went out on 2.5-4 inches and had no problems, even slipped and fell hard a few times without breaking through. 280lb? you will be fine on 3 inches or more. only reason we were on 1.5 inches was we had a long rope attached to bank and were in only 5ft of water.
  6. I'm 6'2 or 3 ( I think I'm shrinking) but weigh 345. I've been out on ice that would make Jack Spratt nervous.

    4 inches is a great place to start.
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    Thanks for the replies. Hey, if anyone is fishing the Catabwa/Marblehead area tomorrow, give me a shout if you wouldn't mind a tag along.:D
  8. I'm not that big, 6'1" and 220, yet I managed to fall through last year on a lake that we'd been drilling through 8-9" all day. Just my luck I found a thin spot. I used to feel good on 4" and used to go alone but those days are over after that.
    Anymore there better be other people and a minimum 6" of ice or I'm gonna go fish a tailwater from shore.
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    Fish only what your comfortable with :) No fun fishing nervous. I'll fish on 4, maybe 3 depending on the quality. 6" is really comfortable though.
  10. The best ice I've ever been one has been Presque Isle couple years ago when it had around 12". That being said, the shoreline where we entered was very weak and if it hadn't been for Gene - TXTransplant - I'd been in the drink. Thanks for the save Gene, wherever you are! :p

    Again, no ice is safe ice. Trust your gut and use good judgement.
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    I'am 6ft. and with winter gear on, 285. Today was on 4.5 in. and never herd a thing. If the ice is clear it is so much harder then white ice, meaning ice with air froze in it. Think about how ice is sold in the bag. It also matters if it is locked in. If I were to go to a place that had some open water around, the 4inch rule would not be enough.
  12. 5' 11" 270lbs will/have fished on less than 3" on ice has to be new/fresh CLEAR ICE THOUGH :mad: !!!!! & only over shallow water / for me . Now 4" of ice let the games begin :p [ must be newer ice though] OH yeah stay the hell away from me when the ice is 3 - 4" thick for crying out loud! Always carry ice picks on yourself at ALL TIMES !!!!! A rope to throw to someone who fell in & a lifevest on yourself[we won't see it on you & it helps to keep you warm & to fish another day:) I still can't believe how many MORONS don't have icepicks or even a freakin' rope when on hard water.What are they gonna do when their buddy or kid breaks through ? Have spud bar will ice fish:B
  13. I'm 6ft. and 220#s and I have been on 2.0 clear ice but I feel comp. at 4 +....Rich