Question for the auto Mechanics...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dinkbuster1, May 17, 2008.

  1. on my Grandmothers 1994 Olds Achieva (4cyl-front wheel drive) there is a very loud and noticeable "CLUNK", sometimes shaking the whole car, when the car downshifts from 2nd to 1st gear (about 15 mph). it seems to get worse the more the car is driven in Stop-Go-Stop-Go city traffic. also noticed a couple times when it would "Jerk" into gear when leaving a stop light. any suggestions?
  2. Check the motor mounts. Some of those type cars have upper arms in rubber. Let someone put the car from D too Rev while you watch the motor. Shouldnt jump more than a inch or so. Next the trans in them are weak! Had 3 Impalla's do that and both mounts and trans were bad. Doubt if Poniac is much diff being GM lined.

  3. I had the exact same car, doing the exact same thing. It was the motor mount. I did a bunch of tranny work, before I had someone watch the motor while I shifted it in, and out of gear. It looked like the engine was going to flip over in there.