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  1. we are remodeling our master bathroom and at the present time it is striped down to bare studs. i have herd that they are now useing pex piping and fittings on the insides of houses is this true? it it is are they crimping the fittings or using a mechanicle fitting? i have already done the new drains for the shower and sink with pvc, just not wanting to spend the money on copper if i dont have to.

  2. i'm not a plumber,but do know that pex is the way to go,just put in your lines and have a crimp tool to crimp your joints together,worry father in law does it.


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    I have a new home. It has Pex through the entire home. It is easier to work with. You just need to buy that $100 special crimping tool and some metal bands to crimp on the pex tubing. It is nice because you can choose both red and blue tubing, basically to signify hot and cold water.
  4. I've seen 2 styles of crimping tools and rings. One looks a lot like a hose clamp, and the other is solid metal band. Make sure you get the corresponding tool and rings. I like the solid metal band. I recently re-did my second story bathroom, and can swear to the ease of installing it. After using it for the first time, we decided to re-plumb my entire 1923 house (galvanized lines) in the near future. It is blissfully easy.
  5. Betcha don't have to worry about copper thieves...........