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  1. Ever give any thought to creating some sub-catagories in the OGF Marketplace? If someone is looking for a boat, it can take forever to search through all of the threads just for that.:( SO, maybe one for each of the following catagories. Boats, Boating equipment, Guns, hunting equipment, Camping equipment, electronics, tools, misc. etc. Just a thought! There are times I am only looking for a certain item and don't have time to read all of the thread titles. Also some of the titles can be unclear. If they were listed under a more specific catagory, it would be easier to find what you are looking for. Just food for thought. I would also like to hear from other members about this idea. Good idea, bad idea, stop posting, whatever.:p;) Thanks for listening.;)
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    for various reasons,it is not feasible to break the market place down into sub forums for an unlimited number of items.that would create more problems than it would solve.
    it is very simple to find what you're looking for,by just using the search function.
    if you're looking for boat,dishwasher,tv,or a pair of boots,just type that word into the search box and check the box for market place.voilà!!all posts concerning that item in the market place will come up with a click of the mouse.
    that's much easier than creating/maintaining forums for an unlimited number of items that might be found there.

  3. If your like me and visit the fourm everyday you wont have such a hard time finding what your looking for. :p
  4. Same way for me, I am on here way too much...haha

    The "search" function is a great thing