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Question for merc owners

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by firetiger, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. I have a 1978 Merc 1500 150hp. I hooked up the water hose to the water intake and ran it for a min there was no water coming out of the pee hole. My question is here. Where do i unhook the shifting linkiage from the lower unit or dont i have too. I think there is 5 bolts holding lower unit and of course the shift linkage. I didnt want to unbolt 5 bolts and the only thing holding it would be the shifting rod. not good i bet its heavy. Thanks for any help.

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  3. Thanks for the webpage. That'll do it. Gotta love this site
  4. The above article never really mentioned it but there is nothing to disconnect on the shift linkage. The shift shaft in the lower unit is a splined shaft which mates with a shaft in the midsection.

    Also, if your motor is a non-power tilt/trim unit there is a reverse lock cam on the shift shaft. When you separate the LU note the position of the cam and MARK it with something. If the cam is removed and is replaced in the wrong position the LU will not shift correctly and the reverse locks will not function. Power T/T motors do not have the reverse lock cam.

    Another note, put a LIGHT coating of all purpose lube on the splines of the driveshaft. DO NOT put any lube on the top of the driveshaft. Lube on the top of the driveshaft can cause problems by putting excessive pressure on the crankshaft. This can result in powerhead or LU damage.
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    Where you located? If near Akron I have a manual you can borrow untill your done.