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  1. Orlando

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    I am in need of a good holster for carry . I have been looking at all the choices and am more confused than ever.
    Do you carry in the waist or outside and why ? What holster do you all recommend. I dont mind spending the money just dont want to spend $60.00 -$80.00 and not be happy with it. I'll be carry a XD 40 sub compact. Thanks guys
  2. littleking

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    buy 5 holsters, throw them away then find what you want :)

    everyone is different.

    i use a desantis IWB leater, a desantis kydex IWB, and a desantis OWB with thumb break.

    pending swollengoats order from bluegrass holsters, i'll probably order one of those

  3. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    Ya thats what I'm afarid of.
  4. ezbite

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    im not a fan of IWB holsters, to uncomfortable for me. but i have a don hume IWB thats sweet. it has an xtra strap of leather across the top to assist in reholstering, kind of a stiffener and its a clip on instead of slot/loop for your belt, comes out of my waist too east if i draw too fast, you kinda have to jiggle the gun out. for everyday carry i have an JBP that slides over a belt and has 2 retention screws, for adjusting to different guns. i use this holster with several autos. stay away from those plastic pinch type, unless you like the feeling of wearing a laundry basket on your hip all

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  5. BigV

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    I have had a few good name brand holsters but eventually stayed with a Galco leather paddle holster for my compact 1911. It has an adjustable cant so you can change the position the gun sits on your belt to give easy and fast access to your weapon if needed. It covers easy in the summer with just an oversized shirt. The key to any holster begins with a quality leather belt. I would recommend at least a 2” wide belt to firmly secure the holster. A paddle holster is easy to slip on and off when necessary.
    I tried IWB (inside the waist band) holsters and did not like the accessibility of the weapon as most of the gun sits inside your pants.
  6. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    Thanks for the replys . Do you guys ahve any trouble with concealing or printing your pistol with a OWB holster? That was my only concern with a OWB
  7. BigV

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    When you first begin to carry, you will think that everybody sees the imprint of your weapon through your cover garment. It doesn’t matter how you conceal you will still feel this way. In time the feeling goes away (for the most part) as most people do not even notice. If they do, they think it’s a cell phone or something other than what it actually is.

    Bottom line,… Don’t worry about it. I know that sounds tough to do, but so what if someone sees the imprint of your weapon. If you have your CCW license you have nothing to fear. It is not illegal for your gun top print or be exposed by a gust of wind or when you reach for something up on a store shelf. As a matter of fact, open carry of a firearm is LEAGLE in Ohio and there are folks that carry open all the time.

    I don’t carry open as I do not want to draw attention to myself, or lose any tactical advantage I may have by keeping my weapon concealed. In the 5 years I have been carrying a concealed weapon I have never had anyone (that I was aware of) notice my weapon and I carry everyday all day even at home.

    The best advice I can give is to begin slow. Carry your weapon while you are at home. Give it a few days and you will get use to it. Then start carrying all day. Pretty soon if you leave the house without it, you will feel like you left your wallet at home.