Question? Do you know what makes a 13" crappie look small?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by taxiecab, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Answer: a 15" crappie. These were csught this week in a public lake that I will not name due to death threats from my fishing buddies but I thought you would enjoy seeing some nice crappies.

    The picture dated 10/14/08 was a 15" crappie that weighed in at 1lb.11oz,

    The picture dated 10/15/08 was 141/2" and weighed in at 1lb.10oz.

    We kept 16 the 1st day all over 9' with the 15", 13" and two 12".

    The 2nd day we kept 12 with all over " wiith the 141/2" and on 11".

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  2. Holy Crap(pie)!!! Are you sure that is a crappie and not a smallmouth? Very nice catch!

  3. Awesome catch "teacher"!

    Joe's one of the best anglers I know.
  4. Now that's what I'm talkin bout! True slabs.
  5. how 'bout this one 171/2 long 14 1/2 girth click on pic for full size. great catch though,love them big crappie. [​IMG]
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    My answer was:

    Holding the crappie properly instead of arm's length when taking a picture like the walleye and bass guys do.:p

    Those are some nice crappie!
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    Very nice crappies. I did the same thing sunday, here in PA. Awesome day of fishing.
  8. Too funny! I also had a similar situation. Caught a 16-1/2 inch crappie on a lake in Minnesota while fishing with a buddy who had just bought some property on it. Once I caught it, he made me promise not to tell anyone because they'd be following him to the lake to get in on some of that action. Told me that only after he signed the paperwork buying the property did the seller tell him that it was a pretty good crappie lake. He had the crappie mounted for me and I proudly display it on my office wall. Although I don't think he's caught one quite that big since!
  9. Did I hear, triple riple on those monsters? Was that Squirmin Jig? Whatever you caught these beauties with, let me know, I want to help the economy. I don't care if I catch them. I just want to buy the lure and attempt to catch them. You can tell me it was a muskie black devil with a #1 hook. I am ready. What a beautiful catch. You have the number one catch in Ohio for 2008. Forget the muskie, walleye and bass. What was that bait?
  10. Thanks guys for all of the views and comments. It has been a good fall for large crappie and I hope a good sign for things for the future. You know nothing in life can beat experience and next week I will be 74 and have fished all my life and I am still learning every day I go out. The day you stop gaining knowledge is the day you are finished.
    These crappie were all caught on minnows that I buy and keep here at my place so there are in good condition and take constant care to keep them alive and well.
    Most of the large crappie that you see are taken form farm ponds and not every one has excess to them but I only fish the public lakes. I use to share all of my information in the past on here but it got so crowded on my best places that my buddies asked me to stop. You can read my past post and they have a lot of good information if you are looking for help.
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    Nice size for a crappie, congratulations. But since you asked...How about my 37 inch muskie??? or how about a 16 inch crappie that got that big because someone threw back a 13 incher?