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Question catch and release

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mvue8422, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Question about trout stocking? I just want to catch and release the trout that are being stock into to lakes. I feel like I’m obligated to keep them. I’ll only keep them if it’s gut hook only. Is it wrong? Maybe I just answer my own question. Lol
  2. :)Don't let the warden catch you releasing them:)
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  3. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    I always release them or give them away to whoever is fishing next to me. Those things are nasty tasting...
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  4. DL07


    We have always released them
  5. Ya just be gentle with them,no problem releasing them for someone else to catch.
    I dont think these stocked trout are all that fragile. Look at the small pool they fil with trout to be caught over an over at fishing/boat shows.
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  6. I use a spinner to catch them and easy release, they are practically lip hooked, come right off. When your using power bait or eggs, they tend to swallow it, can never release those.
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  7. bassteaser1

    bassteaser1 Feared by all that swim

    Be careful, I had 5 in a basket and caught one after that was bleeding bad so the guy I was fishing with said just put it in your basket because he wanted it and an undercover officer gave me a big ticket even though I told him it was for the other guy
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  8. Wow

    Wow Will Yak For Food

    It's silly that that the laws don't give you wiggle room to do the right thing for the fish or the fishery. You have to waste perfectly good meat to comply with the law, and throw back a dying fish. It could feed somebody or fertilize a garden. It's a sin to me. ...I suppose the dead fish will feed the wildlife, but it's literally a stinkin' shame.--Tim
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  9. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Yeah, but it was in your basket. If the other guy wanted it he should have put it in his basket.
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  10. that was the response the warden gave me when i asked him
  11. Even that is against the rules/regs. They pop guys saugeye fishing all the time for "sharing limits".
    Me an a few of my muddys use to do a "community bucket" until we learned this.
    But if u catch an give away a fish it goes against your limit an whomever you give the fish to's limit
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  12. crestliner TS

    crestliner TS redeye

    why is it different for charters? Or s it?
  13. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Technically it's not. Neither is perch fishing with your buddies and throwing all the fish into the same cooler.
  14. It all boils down to enforcement....
  15. Truthfully the trout stockings near me are a big waste of money as the places they stock are real shallow and heat up quickly. They stock Petros which the deepest part is 10 feet and it probably averages under 5. They also stock Lock 4 which is even shallower, the only good thing there is most of the fish are probably caught the first day due to the kid's derby. After the first two weeks most people quit fishing for them so what wasn't caught just die.
    I have fished for over 50 years and other than when wade fishing we have always used a communal basket/stringer/cooler. Have never had any game warden say a word about it anywhere I have fished and that includes over a dozen states, Canada, England and Germany.
  16. As long as theirs enough people to account for all the fish in possession your fine
  17. and everyone knows what to say when asked how many were theirs
  18. Releasing trouts. You can release trout that you catch as long as you handle them correctly and catch them correctly. Most of the time when using spinners and spoons will help reduce the chance of gut hooking them. But if you gut hook them and they are bleeding all over, you might as will keep it or give it away until you reach your limit. Then your done, just go fish another lake that has no trouts and target other species.

    As of giving trouts away. If you gave 5 trouts away and kept 5 trouts on your stringer, you are over your limit. That is 10 trout that you are accountable for, that is 5 trouts over your limit. If you gave 50 trouts away and kept none, you are 45 trouts over. Same goes with any fish that has limits. The only way to help a person keep the fish legally is hand that person your rod, let them catch the fish on their own, let them land it themselves and let them put the fish in to their own bucket.

    About sharing one stringer/bucket/cooler for multiple people I don't know a clear answer for it. If someone have the rules for it, please post it. In my experiences it all depends on the game warden. The first time was when i was fishing the Ohio river, pike island dam on the ohio side, my buddy and i shared a stringer of saugers together. The game warden came down to check our stringer and told us as long as we both are within limits we are good. Then the second time, during my first trip to the maumee river i got fined for putting my buddy's walleyes along with my limit on the same stringer because he forgot his stringer and I didn't know either, that we can not share the same stringer. We just went off of what people told us that it was ok to share the same stringer. Third time was on the ohio river, new Cumberland dam ohio side, a different buddy and his friend got fined for sharing the same stringer of saugers. I didn't know they were putting it on the same stringer or else I would've told them. The fourth time was at Milton spillway, two guys was putting both their limits of walleyes into one bucket and the game warden checked their bucket and told them as long as they have 12 walleyes or less they were good. So, I don't really know an exact answer for this one. I now, only put my own fish that was caught by me on my own stringer, just to be safe. I also bring extra stringers just in case a buddy decides to keep his own fish and don't have one on him. I rather buy a stringer for under $2 versus hundreds of dollars of fine, all your gears getting taken away and maybe get your fishing liscence taken away just because you didn't know the rules. Not worth it.
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  19. That's all false. Basically your saying if two guys in the boat share the livewell one person is over limit if both persons limits are caught. You got had by an officer that was not knowledgeable of the laws
  20. Its not all false at all. Some rangers just have more common sense then others. Keeping a limit an giving a way after that is over-bagging.
    And i have also seen on more then one occasion of people being popped for "community buckets". Its not enforced a lot. But it is.
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