Question: Best crappie lake in NEO when the water is soft?

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  1. My dad and I have been vigorously discussing what lake is best for catching crappie when the water is soft. Now, I know this can be approached from numbers versus size, etc., etc.

    I would just like to get everyone's input.


  2. I fish Berlin a lot and do catch A LOT of crappies there but they tend to be on average, at least for me, on the smaller size which is weird considering it has the 9 in limit I think. West branch has some hawgs but for me they are tougher to find. Mosquito is a combo of both...tons of huge fish but is the hardest for me to initially locate fish.

    These are really the only three places I fish by boat

    I dont fish the super skinny water...WB shallows are too far in the no wake from where I launch, I'd lose my mind by the time I idled back ther...on Berlin the tail end (opposite from dam) gets scary with all the wood in super shallow water. I'm sure there are more and bigger fish I just don't like to take my glass boat that far up.

    I'm generally clueless at locating fish other than on visible structure or on
    previously marked spots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. WB, then Mosquito, then Berlin, then Mogadore. Berlin has some good lengths but kinda thin for some reason. Mogadore has smaller lengths but thicker fish. I caught my personal best, a 16.5" crappie, at Wingfoot few years back, but right now, it's just a topic of conjecture to be able to fish it.
  4. Skeeter! Size and numbers!
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    My vote is for skeeter also. This is a great question for chaunc..Do a member search for him and check out his past post/pics. The guys a heck of a crappie fisherman. To bad hes a Steeler fan :p Met him last yr at skeeter very helpful and even hooked me up with some mircospoons .
  6. If You Want To Venture South Leesville And Atwood Have Numbers And Size--10-14 Inches Are Common If You Know Where To Go --have Seen A Couple In 16 Inch Range One Was Just Shy Of State Record!!
  7. sketter stump fields in April + May
  8. Absolutely Skeeter is the best for size and numbers.
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  10. Skeeter, although Ive really gotten into them on Ladue
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    Mosquito Lake in NE Ohio. By Warren.
  12. West Branch has my vote also.If you get into the right brushpile in spring you can catch a couple dozen over 13" in a day and the rest not too much smaller.
  13. Berlin is my vote i can find them just about anywhere but in the spring you can fill your freezer up quick and then fish for fun till they retreat back to the depths both size and numbers is why i pick berlin
  14. Wow! I appreciate the feedback! Please keep it coming!!!

    I am surprised that no one has mentioned Ladue? Ladue for crappie anyone?

    I really appreciate everyone's input.
  15. I would say Ladue 5-6 years ago but good crappie have been hard for me to come by lately. I like to blame the cormorants for the decline in crappie. Couldn't be me, right?
  16. I used to catch monstrous crappies, and lots of them while trolling for walleyes at Mosquito.

    A buddy of mine caught an 18 1/2 incher while bass fishing one day.

    Pikie Bay coughs up ginormous bluegills during late May/early June.
  17. Not to change the subject from craps to gills but Het is right on, Mosquito is the best "big gill" lake in the state IMO(possibly with the exemption of La Su An which is managed by the state and which I've never fished!)
  18. well, I'm surprised no one has mentioned Pymatuning ....ik it's a drive but I just though id throw out the name .....most crappie i catch there are 10in+....a 16in comes in every once in a while.....but the numbers are good too.....I think it's right up there with mosquito......and with the low walleye population there aren't as many people who fish there anymore so the crappies are booming
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    hav'nt fished it in a while but deer creek (above berlin) used to give up good #'s in the spring not big but good eatin.