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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by crittergitter, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. crittergitter

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    I see that Issue 3 passed. This referred to protection of property owners rights in relation to water resources. Does anyone know if this will have an affect on river fishermen?
  2. I believe you are referring to Issue 3. That one was discussed on here a few times in the past weeks. I am running short on time but perhaps someone else can point you to those discussions.

  3. PapawSmith

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    Now that issue 3 has passed you will NOT be able to fish in water that falls BELOW someones private property. :p
    Seriously, this issue has nothing to do with fisherman. It simply guarentees property owners rights to reasonable usage of water that falls below or adjacent to their property, ie; irragation, livestock watering, private well, etc. It's sort of a redundent clairifacation to their already existing rights.
  4. That's the way I understand it. I believe the only reason it was on the ballot was to add this law to our constitution.
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    Damn! No more cavern fishing!!!
  6. Clayton

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    Aww, man! and the blind fish are the easiest to catch!

  7. I say it's a conspiracy!!!! The deep pocketed lure manufacturers want to make sure they can still make $$ selling pretty lures that catch fishermen!!
  8. I believe it is an attempt to get around the Great Lakes water compact, which is designed to protect the water resources of the Great Lakes. Water is a valuable resource, and the Great Lakes have plenty of it. Issue 3 allows drilling into the neighboring water table, allowing siphoning of Great Lakes water. If I remember right, a state representative named Faber spearheaded this effort. Yes, it does seem redundant to our rights as private landowners for irrigation, wells, etc., but this opens it up to any owner for any purpose.