Question about "Suspended" Fish

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BigRed, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. BigRed

    BigRed Just keep casting ...

    I've noticed very large groups of fish on sonar that are "suspended" along similar areas.

    CJ Brown ... along the rock dam ... day and night

    Deer Creek ... along the cement dam ... day and night

    Caesar Creek ... in "crappie cove" ... day-only, their gone at night

    Fish are of all sizes but many are really big. Depths typically 3-14 feet. The large sizes I'm seeing on sonar lead me to "guess" Walleye ?

    We've sat on these fish, trolled them, drifted them, jigged, wormed, leeched, bobbered, ... you get the picture ... nothing will provoke a bite. If I had a drag net I'd fill the darn boat with them.

    Using CJ Brown as an example, I can troll along the rock dam and count 30+ fish (on sonar) all hanging in 3-14 feet of water. Big fish. Yet all walleye catch reports talk about the sunken road and gravel humps.

    Are these suspended walleye? Their just happy to hold and not feed at all? None of them will strike? Day or Night?

    I'm not nuts ... honest.

    Anyone have a reasonable explanation about this fish behavior?

    I'm stumped :confused:
  2. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack

    Big Red,

    As far as CJ goes they are Shad, I get them with my castnet in that area all the time, 10-12 inch range, I'll mark them then throw the net on them, during the Spring and again in the fall they will show up as clouds on the depthfinder and those will be the 3-6 inch kind................Doc

  3. are those fish suspended in the deep parts all shad? does anyone know where the best spots for the smallies are?
  4. Tennessee

    Tennessee Team Stratos

    those are large groups of shad Ive seen them too
  5. BigRed

    BigRed Just keep casting ...

    Thanks guys for helping clear that up for me !

    All I saw were big fish symbols on sonar and tried like heck to land a few ... guess I'm not much of a shad fisherman either :p !!!
  6. Thanks - have seen the same thing at Cowan across from the marina and never got a rise.
  7. If you can select Fish Symbols or the Typical Fish Mark (inverted check), consider using the Mark as it is much more definitive regarding fish size and won't show a non-fish suspended item as a fish symbol.