question about lawn mower engine

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  1. 14hp engine , no spark at the points .question when you open and close the points should it spark each time? I"M opening them with my finger , theres voltage at the wire connected to the one side of the points ,and the other side is grounded to the motor . I think it should sprk every time. but it don;t .WHY when I crank the motor theres no spark . cleaned the points no diff . what am I missing .
  2. Lewis


    Condensor could be bad...could also be a bad coil...try the condensor first...its cheap.
    Are the points closing fully?

  3. Touch a screwdriver from one side of points to ground, if it sparks,probably worn or dirty point contacts. I had some grease on the tractor points and had a heck of a time getting it to start after it sat a while. Cleaned the contatcs off with some degreaser and no more problems since.
  4. With the points open you should have voltage at the pos and neg sides of the coil and at the points, if this is good I would check to see that the points are not insulated from the area where they should be grounded. If you have power into the coil and none on the neg side the coil is open, Another quick check is to ground your test light and probe the neg terminal on the coil, crank engine and the light should flash, if light is steady bad points or ground. Have never really seen any bad condencers. hope this helps