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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by reelmanly, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. reelmanly

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    I broke off about 2 inches on 2 rods [clean breaks] right from the tip if I put on new eyes will this take away from the integrity of the rods, they are 6-6 MH, hate to trash em., any thoughts. Thanks
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    2" off of a 6' 6" wont hurt them a bit. just replace the top eyes.

  3. just make sure the break is really a clean one and the rod didnt crack long ways. Car door??
  4. As mentioned, make sure the area of the break is not splintered. If it is, use a VERY FINE TOOTH Model saw to cut back to the end of the splinter and then install the new guide.
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    As the others mentioned it wont hut but I did notice a big change in 2 rods that I had repaired. I never liked them as much afterwards. Both of the ones I had repaired were Fenwicks (several years ago) one was 6' and the other was 6' 6" and I didnt like the action as well afterwards. That was just my experiance.
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    Here's another suggestion. I broke one off about 3 eyes down and it did affect it, so now, it's just my "jiggin only" rod for the river.When I'm up on the wall jigging spoons or jigs, I use that rod. Works great when I'm jigging up agin' the wall or a foot or two out. It's so much easier than standing back a bit & I get a better hookset and I didn't have to pitch the rod. Been using it that way about 3 yrs now!
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    Snake poses a really good point. I used the rods for other applications and they worked out really well. I had forgot to mention that. I didn't like the 6' UL anymore for casting but later on I had that rod cut down into an ice rod and that works very well :)
  8. Most rods are fast action. What this means is the rod is pretty stiff up to the last several inches at the end and this is where most of the flex is. So although the rod is still very usable, it will not not have much flex or bend and will fish sort of like a pool cue. If the rod had a slow action in which most of the rod will flex, you will see much less difference.
  9. Ill clear this up for you REEL fast for ya there Manly.....First to answer your question---HELL YES it will take away the integrity of your rod, and not only that, but you might as well just turn those rods into a beat whip, and a channel changer. Dude, do you want to borrow some tree branches from my back yard? I bet they would have more sensitivity in the tip then your now crappy rods have..... Here, I even have some left over steel line for you to use, ultra dense, mega rigid, and the best part, no stretch. Perfect setup for your type of fishing....which is not catching squat...Trash those now MHHHHHH rods and face it bud.. Bye the way, how in the heck did you break em, disrespecting the ROD is a would you like 2 inches to be broken off you dude!!!!!! Yeah, now how do you think those rods feel.....Ive seen it all before, the days of slamming em into a locker, whipping em up in the air going 70mph down the lake, the water slapping with them in frustration of a missed fish, or in your case a snag... or even the slamming on the boat bottom in utter disgrace that you were unable to beat the guy in the back of your boat..did u even catch a fish?

    You know what, I might get sick, just sitting here thinking about this post is making my stomach turn......I don't know what's more upsetting. You breaking 2 inches off 2 rods, clean cuts I might add, or you even posting such an idiotic question...I thought you knew your stuff, dude, we can never fish together again.....

    If it was anyone else I would say this.....
    Integrity, would not be lost, unless it never produced fish, which in that case, it may be time to trash it, bad vibes. Sensitivity, you bet your sweet azz it's losing something. It now becomes a starting rod for a beginner, or a parts rod, or just plain trashed....

    Now if it's me--- I do this, pick up the phone, dial up the rod company, and talk my way into 2 new rods by Spring. Let's see, last year, 2 new foot control trolling motors, 1 new Lowrance LCX25, 8 rods, 4 reels, hand held GPS....just a few off the top of my head...... The ones I originally purchased were defective in some sort:D :D
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    I post an honest question and what do I get, a COMEDIAN, well yuck yuck, got news for ya dude, all the times we fished together it was like takin ya out behind the wood shed cause ya sure got your share of whoopins and they were all done with a rod and least an inch shorter than the original length, what did ya do get out your dictionary and look up some big words then have you Dad type them in for you, I took the liberty and contacted all tackle companies and the days of freebies are long gone for ya. I ain't talkin trash cause I have hours of video of you dropping your head as you watched me weighin BIG fish that you misseed and I caught, ya couldn't even whip me from the front of my own boat,it was nice of me to let you hold those Big boys wasn't it tho, Speakin of eye replacement yoo may want to consider some research on the topic cause I might just fix your eyes for ya, and if ya push it I'm gonna post the Halloween party pictures, you know the ones, that way folks can really see what you are. So sure I snapped a couple of tips but dare I put up a list of some of your doozies, like that beautiful tent set up down at Murray a few years back, When you become LARGIE 75 maybe we can fish together til then keep up the GREAT posts
  11. Okay umm what was the question again? Oh ya, rod integrity. All honesty, I would replace the rod. If it was just a guide eye that came off that's one thing, but the rod itself probably would never perform in the same manner you're used to. I broke three rods last tournament season and I replaced them because I couldn't trust a repair to hold up while fishing tournaments when there's money on the line, would you? Hope this helps. By the way, if you're in the market, R&B Custom Rods in the Columbus area makes some of the best customs I've ever bought and used. If you'd like more info just send me a PM and I'll get you his contact info. :B