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  1. Up in northeast ohio I fish this guys pond. Its great for kids, alot of panfish and an increasing population of Bass. He says 4-5 years ago they stocked like 30-40 catfish. He says they were catching them 2 years ago but havn't seen them since. I was wondering what would be recommended for trying to catch them if they're even still in the pond. Any help is appreciated
  2. Have you guys tried the old chicken livers yet. mix them with garlic salt and you will be sure to catch em.

  3. I would try some cut bluegill or shad if they are naturally found in the pond. Chicken livers or chicken breast will also work.
  4. Creek Chubs should work and chicken liver will deftitionaly work
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    yea deff try chicken liver.
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    The ponds we fish in Streetsboro has nice cats in them but never hit on any standard catfish bait. They would follow you around the shoreline. The guy's kids feed them bread.
    We brought some bread one time put it on a unweighted hook and they would nail it when it hit the water.