Question about canals and marshes in the Locust Point area

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  1. My parents recently bought a home on a canal just west of Davis Besse. We have a 36' boat at the dock that we use on the lake, but we also have a 14' aluminum boat that I'm rigging for small waters like Resthaven. I've driven around up there and I have used Google Earth and Google maps to look for good fishing spots. I see all kinds of canals and offshoots of the Toussaint river that lead to marshes and such. How many of these areas are navicable in a small boat? Is fishing legal? Is it worth the effort? I'm mainly in search of Bass, Pike, and Cats. I'm mainly talking about the area bewteen Locust Point and Bono off of Rte 2.,-83.09442&z=12&t=h&hl=en

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I have a kayak and have fished Metzger Marsh (Bono) a few times for bass without much luck. I see people pan fishing in small boats but don't know how well they do. The main sport at Metzger, other than hunting, seems to be bow and arrow "fishing" for carp.

    A big chunk of the marsh area further east is in Ottawa Wildlife Refuge. No boating.

    As far as I know, a lot of the area you mention -- Turtle Creek, Toussaint River, Little Portage area -- produces some crappies and lots of carp, catfish, and bullheads.


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    i know the water blows out of the toussaint when the wind is from a southerly direction and turns very shallow. too shallow to launch a boat.that is the launch at rt 19.others further northmay be alright.
  4. Ok... follow me here. If I travel west on Rte 2 from Davis Besse it makes a trun to the North then a turn to the west again. Right before the turn to the west there is a road that leads back to a Marina, launch ramp, and a canal that leads out to the lake. On the east side of the canal there is a large shallow marshy area that seems to be enclosed by a breakwall. Is that Metzger? It is about 3 ft deep and has lots of vegitation. I've seen huge carp up there, but not had any luck with bass. It seems like that would be a perfect early season Pike spawning area. It has everything they look for. So my question is can they get to it? I'm not even sure it is connected to the lake... But according to the ODNR that is the type of water the Pike will be seeking at ice out. I'll probably give it a shot regardless, but I just wondered if anyone had experience.
  5. A Kayak would work though wouldn't it? I'll be picking one up soon. Are there any Bass or Pike up the river or any of its offshoots?
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    that sounds like Metzgers....years ago the marsh was open to the lake, now it is bordered in by break wall....soo the chances of gettin Northerns in there is slim to none. IMO, the Sandusky Bay, particularly the southern shoreline canals will produce more Northerns. in fact i have caught a few and have seen several on some outings.....look @ the Sandusky Bay map, look for Pickeral Creek (sounds inviting) which is on the western end, south shore. another public area nearby is Willow Point, just east of Pickeral....all good habitat for Northerns.:B
  7. East Harbor has Pike. Not too far east of you. There's bass all over out there. Most marinas,Sandusky Bay, Cedar Point.
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    you can get steelhead at the mouth of cold creek also on the south side of the bay . there is a marina there called coldcreek trout club .
  9. It sounds like Metzger. For some years it was open to the lake, but a few years back they walled if off. Near the east end of the breakwall is a pumphouse and floodgates. Water level is regulated to produce maximum grain for waterfowl, so at times the marsh is connected to the lake. ODNR has a publication about it somewhere. They say there is a very large number of fish species in there, 50 or 80 or something. All I've ever caught is a few bass and some bowfin.