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  1. Hi,I looking to trade or sell my pleasure boat for a bass boat.My boat is worth about $8000.00. The 2 boats that I'm looking at are 1988 Bass Tracker Tourn.1800 with a 150 merc. from an private owner the other is from a bass boat dealer it is a 1988 ranger 363V with a yamaha 150 pro on it. Do I want to go this old because mine is a 1997 in mint cond.Thanks
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    when it comes to boats ive found the year does not really matter much, just as long as its been kept up, both are good brand boats, but I would go for the Ranger, good boat, and I like Yamaha outboards.

  3. Don't limit yourself to the boats that people are willing to trade for yours. You may want to try to sell your boat outright. This will expand your purchase market and boat possibilities. ALSO-check your PM's, my dad has his stratos 201pro w/johnson 200 unofficially for sale for cheap! -Gabe
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    You should be able to get a newer boat for 8000. Keep in mind the newer boats have more storage and better livewells. If it were me i wouldn't get one that old unless you didn't want to spend all of the 8 grand. But on the other hand people use their boat differently. If you just get out once in a while and just want to be able to get on the water than there is nothing wrong with a old boat. If you want to tourney fish i would definately get a newer one. My buddy and I catch just as much fish out of his jonhboat than my bassboat. Only problem as of lately some of his fish barely fit in the livewell.:) Good luck in your choice.
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    Both of those boats are overpriced in my opinion. As Marshall stated, the newer boats have more storage, typically a larger front deck, better livewell systems, better electronics and gauges would be newer which means more than likely more reliable.

    For 8k, you should be able to get a pretty well setup mid 90's bassboat w/ a good motor. Check Vic's used boats, he had a ProCraft that was in great shape. I only paid 4500 for my 96 18' Nitro w/ a 120 and it was very well setup and in great shape.