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Question about bait - using mult. goldfish?

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by dmbfanatpsu, May 19, 2005.

  1. I plan on fishing tomarrow night at the Ohio River, but I don't have time to make it to the bait shop before I go. What I was thinking of doing for bait is going to Meijer and buying some those feeder fish. Since these fish are normally smaller then the goldfish I would get at the bait shop, I was thinking of maybe hooking 2 or 3 up on the same hook. Anyone ever try this? or am I thinking crazy?
  2. ummmmm????? huh? I am going to use circle hooks...and what do you have plenty of? Lost me on that one. :confused:

  3. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    It might work dmb, give it a shot and let us know how it goes.

    Bobberfisher is coming across as being a general poopoo head, so he confuses all of us very easily.
  4. O.K. Will do. Maybe I'll catch a :B
  5. catking

    catking Banned

    Sorry about the clown that was posting guys.anyways, cwcarper has put several smaller baits on a hook and done quite well..... THE CATKING !!!
  6. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I have done this alot with baby shad, now I cant remember catching much, but I never do catch much!
  7. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    IS there a petstore like Petsmart, Jack, etc... in your area? You can usually get large Feeder goldfish for $3 a dozen or so.

    Yea, I wich I would have been on when these two clown were on. Obviusly they dont know me well, I wish i spent alot of time fishing!
  8. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    I guess when your as good as I am , people tend to be jealous!, Right JACK!!! :D
  9. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    hey bryan...............WRONG!
  10. never thought about trying petsmart....I usually go to Meijer. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try petsmart instead of Meijer.
  11. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

  12. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    dmbfanatpsu, I use to have a pet flathead that LOVED to eat the 25 cent feeders from Pet Smart... they are pretty good size.. probably the same ones mellon is talking about 12 for 3 :)
  13. Update: Didn't catch anything or even get a bite. Fished from about 9PM to 1AM from where the Licking River meets the Ohio. :(
  14. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    That's a tough spot, I've fished it too. Got the same results you did, I've heard White Castle French fries are best down there *LOL*
    Also heard a whole bunch of fish stories there too. I guess it's like anywhere on the river, sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's not. ;)