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Quebec/Ontario fishing pike lures?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by ohiojmj, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. Leaving 6/26 for Camps Ronoda on Lac Remigny, Quebec (3 hours northeast of Lake Nippissing/Northbay, 12 hour drive from Akron, Oh) for a week of pike/walleye/smallmouth. What are your favorite weapons/techniques for these fine sport fish up north? Lake is natural with a massive weed infested 15' shallow bay, deep main body with humps/dropoffs/shallows,etc, lotsa rocky or reeded shores, clear brown stained water.

    Last year mid-June(record heat/sunny) we slayed pike by casting mepps#5 silver/white tail, silver/gold williams wabler spoons. Walleye responded somewhat to jig/worm, pickerel rigs, husky jerks. While we didn't specifically target smallmouth, we got some from pike/eye efforts.

    Wondering how predictable the mayfly hatch is? We hit a record breaking hot spell with a massive mayfly hatch last year during week of 6/19. The bite was ruined by mayflys with "white-outs" at dusk. The few pike we caught at hatch were stuffed with them. Any good techniques for overcoming this nuisance?

    Thanks. Will provide full report when I return from trip.

    P.S. The camp, lake, and owner, Glenn Oblander (from Chesterland, Ohio) are highly recommended by me based on last years experience. Glenn works hard to provide clean cabins, outstanding food, fishing help, boats, etc.
  2. Sounds like you have a great trip planned, good luck.

    My favorite thing for pike is a big Zara Spook, nothing better than catching them on top water.
    I would take some Storm Rattle Craw tubes, i caught tons of smallies as well as several walleye on them in Minnesota a few years ago. The guy in my canoe even caught a lake trout on one.

  3. On my trips to Canada you absolutely could not beat a weedless spoon for pike. Color was of no consequence. Actually, just about any lure ripped through vegetation would get them fired up.

    For the really big ones we would use a small guthooked walleye or perch. I know, everyone is groaning but my God we hooked up with some MASSIVE pike. We would put the biggest hook we had through the jaw of the walleye and run two trailers with treble hooks down each side of the walleye. Fish it off the bottom and DO NOT let go of the rod :D .

    As far as the mayfly hatch we never ran into one (we were generally up there the last week of June/First week of July). My cousins did take their fly rods however and fished mayfly imitations and caught quite a few pike and walleye.
  4. I just checked out the site and it looks like a great place, hope you have a good trip.
  5. I just got a big silver Zara spook, already have weedless johnson spoons (silver, gold), dozens of mepps, several weedless timberdoodles...wondering about any softbaits? Not sure live fish are legal bait, but will check. rattle crawls on list now....thanks guys......I think I'm on the right track as I have pretty much all the weapons, just need to learn the execution.....especially for walleye that can be stubborn in June post spawn pms
  6. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    Bring the biggest buzzbait you can find in the stores. Lots of fun until it gets too torn up to fish anymore.
  7. I seriously doubt what we were doing was legal but the fish were going to die, were short and we were at a fly-in camp where we could see/hear the warden's plane before they saw us. That doesn't make it right but that lake's walleye population was definitely not going to be impacted.

    For walleyes we used leeches on a 1/4 oz jighead exclusively. We easily caught 40 walleye/person/day. It took us about 4 hours to figure out the pattern and it held all week.
  8. catking

    catking Banned

    Good luck to you, and we will all be waiting for the full report. I always had great luck on large buzz baits, like Bassnpro1 suggested. THE CATKING !!!
  9. McQ

    McQ Fishing Quebec

    I have a few preferred walleye techniques and they are bottom bouncing crawler harnesses, lindy rigging and trolling cranks around midlake shoals. For Pike I lean towards the Johnson Silver Minnows for the shallow bite and as the heat of summer sets in I'll jig big bucktails or troll spoons deep aided with an inline sinker.

    If you're on an active walleye bite and it slows down the likelyhood is that Pike have moved into the area. Raise your bait a few feet off bottom and hang on - you'll get a toothy critter every time.
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    Hoosierfisherman Hardcore Fisherman

    Sorry, I tried to post a reply and started a new topic instead. Check out the thread titled pike/smallmouth fishing.