Quarry ponds last night

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  1. Went out last night to grab an hour or so on the water and the plan was to take the new kayak out for a spin. Got all packed up and made it to the pond by about 7:30 or so. I got the ‘yak off of the car and was just about ready to hit the water when I realized that I had forgotten a very important piece of equipment. As you can probably guess, it is difficult to maneuver a kayak effectively without a paddle. This was a less-than-optimal development.

    I decided to wet a line anyway and that if I caught anything nice in a couple of minutes then I’d stay and bank fish.

    As it turns out, it was a pretty good night. I managed to land 6 bass and a small crappie in an hour or so of fishing (see crappy phone pics). All of them had good spirit and were fun to wrestle with.

    No real good info here, just wanted to share a classic case of lemons and lemonade.

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