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  1. I was looking to get a new Hi-speed reel. I have switched about all my reels over to Quantums and was wondering if anyone has ever used one of the Quantum Burst reels? It has 7.0-1 gear ratio like the older Diawa that I use now ( that has just about seen its day ). Those 7.0-1 reels are great for throwing buzzbaits and would like to keep one around. In advance---Thanks
  2. Tim, I have always been a Quantum fan. My dad brought me up using Quantum and it is all I ever go with. I started replacing everything I have with the Quantum KVD reels that go for about $80. For the money they are not bad, I havent had any problems with them. They come in all speeds. Havent used the Burst reels so I dont have any input with those.

    Do you clean and oil your own reels? If so, how often?

  3. I usually clean mine just a couple of times a year. Once about halfway thru the summer I will go over them and before I put them away for the winter I give them a good cleaning. I use all the tooth-brushes I can get to do the cleaning with. I like to scrub them to get all the dirt off the outside and put some oil on the handle paddles and some grease on the levelwind before I take the side plate off and add a little grease to the gears to keep them covered for winter and a little oil to the bearings so they dont dry out. With 21 different casting outfits it takes awhile some years.
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    I just got a quantum pt burner The blue one. It feels pretty nice, cant wait to try it out. Also got a new curado e 200 high speed that i will compare it to. Right now the curado is like 7.6 oz and the quantum is 9 oz in weight so as of now thats all i know between the two. Got the quantum as a gift, not a bad gift in my opinion. Clean your reels at least yearly, remove all old grease and oil from all the gears and bearings and relube. Throughout the season i oil the easy to get to bearings and worm gear. Remember oil bearings and grease gears and go light on the oil.
  5. I have the quantum pt tour ed. very nice reel well wortht he money Thinking of getting the new 09 model. I also have one of the accurist II and this is a very nice reel also.
  6. I have been a user of quantums for just over a year now and iam pretty happy with them.I use an accurist and a escalade with the 7.0 gear ratio.The escalade is a made for dicks reel that has the same body style as the KVD version or the burst.The next I am eye balling is the code red or one of the PT models.my Accurist is an AC500PT and I absolutely love it. I am almost a full convert except for the fact that I still have a love for ABU Garcia reels.I still use My first Baitcaster that is aprox 30 years old and it's a 5500c that is still in excellent shape! weecraw
  7. I Have to agree with KSU I have used Quantum for 10 years now and purchesed a few of the KVD's and they are GREAT for the money. They come in diffrent speeds also, so very versital.
    Just my 2 cents
  8. Topwater, which model do you have? I have 3 of the ones with 6 bearing, its like a greyish silver color. Last year I bought the new version, which has 10 bearings and is black plus a little smaller. The older ones I have had no problems with, but the new one makes a clicking noise when I reel it (sometimes, not all the time). Have you had this problem and does anyone know what it might be?
  9. Noticed many comments on regular cleanings, thought I'd share this for ANY brand reel (especially a Quantum ;) ) :


    We got a bunch of it for giveways at Madness last year. I never really used it until prefall and cleaned and re-lubed my oldest flippn reels with the pen oiler I had laying leftover.

    AMAZING stuff! Most noticeably in rain/water situations that usually wrecks that smoothness in casting both short and long term. It seemed to perform better once wet even...and after the fact when dried.

    It brought those old reels back to life unlike other "top" rated oils I had been using like sauce and butter.