Quantum PT?

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  1. Just curious if anyone else out there has been having these issues. Energy PT and Tour Edition PT. Having issues with the thumb bar sticking after flipping or casting. Stays in a locked position, which doesn't allow the reel to engage, causing the reel handle to just free spin until it's re-engaged. Have issues with 4 now, more problems with the energy then the tour edition. All the reels are just over a year old. I'm hard on them but no harder then ones I still have from 10 years ago. Any opinions on your PT

    I do enjoy the speed, smooth casting and feel--- at least when the thing is working right!
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    I can't say that my Energy or Accurist has done that... but a friend of mine has that problem only occasionally with his Pinnacle. I am pretty sure all he does it push it down more and it comes back up when he starts reeling the next time.

  3. Scott,
    That is the same thing that was happening to that quantum i was using when we fished portage, ended up scrapping it mine was an accurist but same thing happened for what you paid for those pt's I deffinatly would be getting a hold of someone in customer relations and start raising a fuss. If your initials were KVD I guarantee they would accomidate you;)