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  1. Has anyone used the new quantum code 7.0:1 reel. It looks very nice and saw them on ebay for $69.00 dollars. I have a few quantum reels and love all of them.
  2. I don't HAVE one....but I did get the chance to pick one up and check itout this past weekend at Cabelas. The Code replaced the Accurist 500CX in the 2008 lineup. For $69 it would be a very nice reel. The spool is obviously not as free as the higher end reels and it doesn't have the Hot Sauce lubrication...which in my opinion does make a difference. But for $69 it would make a nice reel. I wound up buying another Accurist 500PT with a $30 mail in rebate...I don't think you can beat the 500PT...I like it even better than my Tour PT!!!

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    I havn't bought one yet, but I looked at them at Bass Pro Shops a couple weeks ago. They seem like nice reels for the price, and I love my Accurist and Energy PT. I'll probably get one pretty soon so have another baitcaster on the boat at all times.