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quantum bill dance combo

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by peon, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. peon

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    bought a quantum bill dance bait caster combo last week.. boguht it for the reel. gonna put it on my 7 foor MH berkley series one rod.. im gonna use the quantum rod with a difftrent bait casting reel.... are these reels any good??? and im not sure how to use the dial on the side with all numbers on it????
    thanks peon...
  2. My wife bought me one for our aniversary a few months back. I like it alot but I suck using a baitcaster. For the price its great I think.


  3. soua0363

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    The dial on the side with the numbers is your magnetic casting control. It helps prevent backlashing. Just adjust the spool speed for whatever lure you will be using and set the magnetic control to your casting style and you will have next to no backlash. You will have to play with the settings until you find the correct one for the situation, lure weight, and casting style.
  4. peon

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    thanks for the help