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  1. I'v got a power line running thru a piece of property that I want to plant food plots in.

    I've heard that sometimes utility companies offer a "cost sharing program" for planting in the power cut.

    Any Idea how I would find out what company to contact, how to contact them, and what dept I would need to talk to????

    The property is in Jefferson County between Bergolz and Amsterdam.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    I'd contact my local power company. If it's not theirs, I'm sure they could point you in the right direction.
    Good luck.

  3. I retired from a power company that has lines in that area. Is it a distribution or a transmission line, is on single poles or wood or steel structures? If it is single pole construction, contact AEP in Steubenville or Carroll Electric in Carrollton. I retired from Carroll Electric. Hope this is some help to you.

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    Cut a pole down, someone will show up eventually and when they do you can get the name off the side of their truck...
  5. Im a contractor for AEP. Send me a pic of the pole tag or tower tag (assuming it hasnt been stolen) and I can tell you who it belongs to. The tag will be a series of numbers and letters, in a variety of formats, approximately at eye level.
  6. pull up your deed or other recorded document with legal descrption of your land (visit your county recorder on-line or in person). Should have little problem figuring out who has the right of way in question.
  7. LOL..Cut down a pole....You're killing me.

    Thanks for all the responses.

    It IS a distribution line, I threw out an email to my local AEP, and have been in contact with some one who manages the "transmission line" that also runs across our property.

    He gave me a phone number the the guy who manages the distribution line that crosses our property. I'm gonna contact him next week.

    Thanks for all your help....and the laugh as well.