Pymo Tourney July 12-13?

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  1. Anyone headed to the July 12-13 tourney?
    I doubt I can make it- I'll be standing in line at the BROWNS stadium Sat. morning... Below are the rules if interested:

    Pymatuning Lake Ohio & PA.
    Catch and Release
    The thrill of tomorrow’s catches
    Rests in your hands today!
    Contest Hours:
    • Fishing – Saturday, July 12th – 7:00 am to 8:00 PM--- Fishing – Sunday, July 13th –7:00 am to 1:00 PM
    • Awards and Drawings – Starting Sunday at 3:00 PM at contest headquarters
    Lake Regulations:
    No wake zone, launch ramps, and marinas (no wake zone means idle speed only)
    10 horsepower limit, watercraft-having motors larger than 10 horsepower shall be permitted provided such motors are rendered non-functional by not running at any time. It would be best to have the prop out of the water and you would not draw any attention by the law officers. Swimming or diving from watercraft is not permitted
    • All boating safety equipment is required. All state and local boating rules and regulations shall be observed
    • It is unlawful to operate a watercraft under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Obey all navigational buoys and swim only in designated areas. Both Ohio and Pa’s state and local boating rules and regulations shall be observed. Emergency phone numbers: DIAL 911 Sheriff Office 440-576-0055
    Fishing Regulations:
    • Registration at the contest headquarters must be completed prior to start of fishing in the tournament
    • All boats fishing in the tournament will be identified by a streamer displayed on boat
    • One entrant per boat is permissible, but any fish caught and released must be verified by another contestant
    All fish must be caught during tournament hours, using legal sport fishing tackle (rod & reel), in strict compliance with local and state laws. A valid Oh. Or Pa. fishing license is required. Muskies under 30 inches are not legal in possession. Muskies under 30 inches in length count in the contest but must be released
    • The club due to severe foul weather reserves the right to move the contest headquarters
    Contest Classification
    Sportsmanship Division:
    • Fish that are released qualify for the Sportsmanship trophy, with the largest in length being the winner
    • Witness of release must be obtained, fishing partner or contestant from another boat can sign the form
    • Released fish shall be handled in such a manner to minimize injury to fish. Anglers releasing a fish must stay with fish until it revives and is capable of swimming away in a normal manner. DO NOT WEIGH THE FISH.
    Most Released Division:
    • Two or more fish released qualify for this Division****Trophy is based on total inches to the nearest ¼ inch
    • (All Sportsman Division rules apply)
    Other Regulations:
    The MAL card must be returned to contest headquarters within (1) one hour after closing
    the day the Muskie was caught or it will be disqualified *********** Only one fish per Division**********
    • Courtesy and sportsmanship shall be maintained at all times
    • Violations of local or both states fish and game laws during the tournament shall be grounds for disqualification from the tournament, and shall forfeit any trophies or prizes won
    • Any protest on violation of Tournament Rules must be presented to the Tournament Committee prior to Awards on Sunday. Decision of Tournament Judges is final.
    • These anglers agree to " Indemnify" the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, inc. and it's respective officers, trustees, and Ohio agencies from all liability for any and respective officers, trustees, and Ohio agencies from all liability for any and all loss and costs, injuries, or damages that may arise there from.
    • Please help us maintain our status as one of the most elite fishing clubs in America…
  2. I will be there.This is my first tourny.My boat is docked at Pymo.Where is the head quaters located?

  3. The beach area south of the causeway.
  4. musk

    musk MUSK-E-MIKE

  5. Just to clarify so there is no misunderstanding...the Division of Watercraft has changed the HP limit on Pym to bring it in line with PA's. The Governor signed the new law about a month and a half ago and the new regulations went into effect immediately. The limit on Pym is now 20 HP (just in time to use my recently acquired 18 horse kicker).

    I hope to see you all there...looks like we are running a little lean on board members to run this thing. Most likely find me up at the HQ all weekend. I'll hopefully get to sneak out and fish a little since I'm bringing the entire family to this one.
  6. Just thought I'd share this info with you all as well...2nd VP got the details for us.

    Members, I finally made contact with Penn Ohio MI who has the primative campground reserved for this weekend. OHMC members are welcome to stay there for next to nothing [Everyone staying there would split a $20 fee] if your in a tent, van or pickup. If you bring in a hard top camper it is $13 a night. Directions will be posted at the registration tent when you sign up. If you need more information get in touch with Jerry Fisher, cell 724 813-2685.