1. I have a question about the pyme walleyes. I was talking to a guy who said that the bite hasnt even started and will start in a couple of weeks. Can anyone conferm this. Also hows the srappie fishing going on. I know that over the weekend the bite was slow though.
  2. Perchman, my buddy just got back from
    spending the weekend on pyme. Did real
    good on perch, bluegill, crappies and channel cat.
    No walleyes. He talked to one guy who had 6
    walleyes. Most he saw all weekend. He also talked
    to the marina owner, everybody is curious where
    all the stocked walleye have gone. Fished the
    PA side around the islands with minnows.

    Hope this helps.


  3. It is My opinion that the "stocked" walleyes were eaten by the "stocked" shad and alewives, and the "stocked" Muskies. The Walleyes they stock are about an inch long and become food for many of the other species of fish. I got one report that said the 2nd and 3rd stockings of walleye both died during a coldsnap last year. Im sure not all of them but the report I got said there were huge masses of dead fry floating after those stockings. The report I got is from someone I know who lives near the lake and fishes it regularly, not an official state or government report, but i trust the guy.