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  1. what r the regs for pyme. because it is also connected to p.a. and so what regs do we use.ohios or pa. also can u give me a websight for the regs because on ohios it says to look at pa.regs.

    also ive never iced fished on this lake and i just started last does anyone think they can show me arround when the time comes
  2. Here are the OH regs:

    it states:

    Pymatuning Lake Fishing Regulations
    Either an Ohio or Pennsylvania fishing license may be used when fishing from a boat; however, a Pennsylvania fishing license is required to take fish, frogs, or turtles from the shore of the Pennsylvania side or from any island. Walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and muskellunge cannot be filleted before the angler has completed fishing. Fish may be taken only by angling, except carp and suckers may be taken with longbow and arrow or spears. Special regulations apply to frogs, turtles, tadpoles, minnows, and ice fishing – see the Pennsylvania regulations for specific information.

    Here are the PA regs:

    it states:

    ICE FISHING - An Ohio or Pennsylvania fishing license is recognized anywhere on the lake. There is a limit of five devices (to include no more than two rods and one handline) allowed. Holes may have a 10-inch maximum size measured in any direction.

    Hope that helps...