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  1. There was recently an interesting article in the ohio outdoor news magazine that talked about pymatuning walleye. The young walleye dont seem to be surviving in there. When the division of wildlife dropped nets in the spring they caught over 1100 walleye and there wasnt one fish under 15 in. They ranged from 15 - 27 in. Biologists are trying to figure out why the young walleye cannot survive. This year alone they released 16 million frye and said that they should be about 8 inches long come September. The article said that walleye anglers used to complain about catching too many sub-legal fish as they must be over 15 in in pymatuning to keep. Now the size is there but the numbers aren't. If there are no young walleye now, what does this mean for the future of the lake? Interesting.
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    marshall, the future has been the last three years. claims are about that the pa fish commission stocked alewifes as an alternate forage base. others claim that they just got in there naturally (although they are an anodromous specie). the alewifes not only compete with the fry for zooplankton and phytoplankton, but in turn prey upon the fry. this is according to what i have read over the past few years. take it for what it is worth. i know guys who have had terrible years, and then there are exceptional anglers (like treefrog) who can catch walleye consistently. he has the remaining population figured out. the proof is in his pictures. i have seen them.

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    Read the same article with interest. Always wanted to try it out, but kicker. Never heard about the alewives tho..............
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    Pa's DNR biologists screwed up their deer herd, so I wouldn't put it past them to screw up a great lake like Pymatuning. Just venting.
  5. Interesting. I will have to hook up with treefrog and figure this lake out.
  6. all i know is this lake is going to crap and i dont even waste my time here anymore, i do ok in the spring and fall but come summertime i head out on the big pond for some jumbo perch