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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TheKing, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. I have wanted to fish this lake for many years, but just never got up there. (I guess there are too many fish down here in the southwest.) I notice that it is not even listed in the maps section of the OGF website. Is Pymatuning any good? The 10 hp limit sounds good to me and I guess it is a good size lake.
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    Pymatuning is one of my favorite lakes. It's a very good muskie lake. I know the walleye guys do well there as do the crappie & bass guys. It's a pretty good sized lake (14,000 acres) so so might want to talk to a few people who have been out recently fishing for whatever you are trying for. Also, a good map would be valuable. Beware of the water depths, especially near the islands and in the stump field on the north end.

  3. I second what you said about water depth around the islands some of the shallow areas are marked with bouys, and some are not, last time I was out I scrapped bottom quite a distance from one of the islands on the north end.
  4. Thanks for the answers, I'll watch the island area. I read this week here at the OGF site that some structure is due to be placed soon (if it hasn't already happened).

    Can anyone give me some pointers on where and how to fish the walleye?

    That's a big lake. Should I be concerned with winds and wave height in a 14 ft v-bottom fishing boat? Of all the lake maps that I look at, doing the 10hp trek on a lake this size is something I just have to try.

    What are the choices for ramps and tent camping that are convenient for service/bait/essentials? Is the lake/ramps saturated with traffic? I'll be coming from southwest Ohio.

    Just so you know, I plan on catching and eating as many as I can during the two day trip that I am planning for. Probably in the early fall.

    I'd be glad to return the favor for those interested in the SW region.
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    I usually make the trip up there once a year from SW ohio. GREAT LAKE !!! Never saw any problems with too many people at the ramps. There are alot of ramps. Right by Andover is a ramp, and plenty of bait shops along the main route. Do yourself a favor and purchase a "Hot Spots " map of the lake. There are plenty of places that sell them. Unless you have time and I can send you mine to use. Anyways,this lake is awsome for Bass, walleyes, some good smallies, crappie, you will really enjoy it. And a 14 foot V haul is fine. By the way, down in the southern side by Penn., there are a few sunken islands ;) CATKING
  6. Here is my info for the lake. Crappie, and some good sized ones, can be found on wood in the shallows early and late and near the drop offs through the day.
    Walleye are what we usually fish for and most years do pretty good. The last two years haven't turned out the best catch due to no stocking 2002-2003. We use three way swivels with a two ounce weight on the dropper and a three foot lead back to a size 5 or 7 rapala floating minnow. Set the drag light and watch for snags on woody cover. Usually do well trolling in 15-20 ft of water. If you get snagged just pull the boat around and reel up to the snag. you can usually save the whole rig, but sometimes lose the sinker.
    Did well for Bass when i was there in late May. Mostly just sight fishing and fishing near known cover.
    Just my 2 cents.
  7. Fished Pymatuning Saturday & Sunday. Saturday we caught all the bluegill we wanted around Bay 41. Theyr'e are some huge bluegill in this lake. We had a couple over 9". Sunday we went over to the PA side to get out of the wind. Found a school of crappie in 7' water on top of some emerging weeds. Caught a mess of crappie both black & white. Also caught several bass, both largemouth & smallmouth with the biggest going about 2 lbs. The best catch of the weekend though was a 6 1/2 foot Shakespeare tiger combo complete with a 9" deep diving plug. Outside of a few rusty hooks and a lot of mud it's in good shape. I saw some people with walleye out there, though we didn't fish for them. Everything we caught was on 1/32 oz. tube jigs, & beetle spins. Great lake!
  8. TheKing,

    Here's a decent map until you can get your hands on a better one. Save the map image to disk (.jpg) and you can enlarge it easily.

    For walleye, my best advice is to launch your boat at Birches Landing (west side, south of the causeway) and head due east into the middle of the lake. The depth will be around 16'-19'. Troll north/south and you will eventually find one of many stump fields in the area that are so productive this time of year. Slow trolling a bottom bouncer & crawler harness is my favorite, but you really gotta get up close & personal with the stumps if you want to catch fish. We also do very well trolling Hot-N-Tots, Wally Divers, Shad Raps and other small diving cranks, but you need to keep your speed up or you'll lose A LOT of lures. Drifters do well with a Lindy Rig w/ floating jig & crawler on a 3' snell. If the stumps are not producing work the edges of the main channel in 20'-22'.

    Good luck.

    p.s. A 14ft boat is the norm for Pymatuning. I wouldn't worry about the wave heights.
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    I got a 20.5" walleye while wading at the Linesville spillway Saturday night just before dark. Some eyes can still be caught there at night if there is sufficient flow over the spillway.
  10. Those are some fine pieces of intel on the lake and it will be difficult for me to wait till fall. But, nothing I can do about it - I have to wait. Thanks for the help from all who contributed.
    I am amazed that anyone is catching fish anywhere. We might need an ark builder down here. Rain in bucket-fulls seems like more than every other day down here.
    Nice walleye magoo. Ronk, I hear your words on catching all the bluegills you wanted. This has been a fantastic year for them in many places. They are a blast. Those "combo" fish are rare, c'mon, what's the limit on them? I thought they were catch and release only?? :)
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    I went Wednesday afternoon before the rain started and then fished through a slow drizzle for awhile. I landed a couple of scrappy 14"-16" largemouth between the weed beds and the shore. One of the fish actually followed the lure up to the boat and struck it about 6 feet away right below the surface.

    I'm going to go out again in the A.M. and see what's shaking.
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    Over the years i made a few web pages concerning pymatuning , here is a look at a few maps and pages. #1 > [
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  13. Thanks and well done on those websites. That overhead shot looks like a satellite composite. Now, are those carp pictures for real? Is this something I can take my nieces and nephews to see. I have some young ones in the 4-6 year old group. When does this event occur?
  14. The carp gather like that every weekend at the spillway, as long as people feed them. Take bread and throw it in the water and they just mass up and wallow o each other.