Pymatuning Walleye?

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  1. Heading to Pymatuning for the holiday weekend and would appreciate any fishing reports. We haven't made it up to Pymy yet this year, but have high hopes, anyone been doing any good?

  2. Just returned Sunday from our annual trip. Cold front hit tuesday night/wednesday morning, same time we were getting to the lake. TOUGH fishing till friday when the low pressure system broke a little bit and we hooked into three within an hour or so. 25 inch 22 inch and a 17 inch. Then the wind kicked up and the fish shut off again. 15 guys 5 boats and 13 walleye for the week. Only 2-3 throwbacks. Some bass and crappie caught also. Saw a shad or alewife about 10-11 inches, and they wonder where the fry walleye go when they stock them. If the weather holds there are some good fish there.


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    the walleye fry go into the alewifes bellies when they are stocked. still have not heard the pa fish commission admit that they were stocked or that they are the reason for the demise of the walleye population.
  4. I rarely do well on Pymatuning till early to mid June when the walleye are relating to deeper stumps & weed lines south of the causeway.

    Pymy stocking info:

    Something definitely happened in the past 6-10 yrs to either increase the level of fry predation or decrease the fry survival rates. I've never been too impressed with the PA fish commission when it comes to communicating with the public.
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    terry, the word is that the pa fish commission stocked these alewifes to increase the forage base. they in turn, feasted on yearly walleye fry stockings. this was posted in the pittsburgh post gazette a few years ago. do not know if the fish commission ever acknowledged it or made a comment on the problem. parallels the gary ault deer management program.....bigger deer, but much fewer......hence, a lot of unhappy fishermen and hunters.
  6. I hear they like those sosha baites but only in the black color its going to rain all weakend anyway but will be up sun day after work if its not raining